defi kingdoms review

If you are looking for a new RPG game that uses blockchain technology, you should check out DeFi Kingdoms. It is built on the Harmony Protocol blockchain and uses its native token One and coin JEWEL. The game’s aesthetic is reminiscent of pixel RPGs. Players can spend their time exploring the Garden, Bank, and Tavern to earn coins and invest in their kingdom. While playing, they can also interact with wacky NPCs like the town crier.

Summit Defi

A quick review of Summit Defi Kingdoms will show that this crypto currency game offers a unique gameplay experience. The game allows you to stake the amount you wish to stake and earn a reward on a daily basis. It also allows you to tailor your strategy to maximize your earnings. There are many advantages to playing this game, including guaranteed earnings and a risk-free environment to test your strategy.

Defi is the currency of the game, and it’s acquired by staking in farms. The game includes elements like Elevation farming, which increases yields and helps users compete with other users’ staking yields. The game requires an investment, but it’s also very professional and transparent.

The game offers a variety of options for players to explore, from learning the SeDi functionalities to making money and building community. There’s even a player-vs-player tournament, where players can compete against other players. This game is like a cross between Final Fantasy and Robinhood, but with more options.


DeFi Kingdoms is a play-to-earn medieval RPG. Using the native coin JEWEL, players can perform a variety of transactions in the game, including purchasing heroes and summoning monsters. Players can also exchange JEWEL for xJEWEL and stake the coins they earn in-game. Starting out is free, but there are some transaction fees, including gas fees, to interact with the game’s blockchain.

The game’s mechanics are fairly simple. The game is based on a blockchain that is built on the Harmony blockchain. Unlike other MMOs, it uses a native token called JEWEL. This token is used to purchase goods and services. Players can also build and sell buildings in the game, and they can even trade with other players.


In Defini Kingdoms, an oasis is a field in the game map. These can be captured or annexed by a kingdom to increase production. They are guarded by animals, which are nature troops. Any NPC that defeats an animal in an oasis will receive 50% of their normal off points.

The production bonus of an oasis depends on the rank of the oasis and its type. You can also reinforce the oasis by placing troops, which increase the production of the village. This only works if the oasis belongs to a political kingdom. However, it is important to note that the bonus to production is only applied to base production of the village. It does not affect the bonus production of resource boosters, troops, and other resource boosters.

The Oasis is a fertile region in the desert. It contains a natural water supply. It provides a sanctuary from the turmoil in the world.

Elevation farms

Elevation farms in DeFi Kingdoms are a great way to boost your yields and earn Summit Defi. They also allow you to win over other staking yields. However, these farms require investment, professionalism, and transparency. Read on to learn more about them.


Staking in Defi Kingdoms is an interesting concept, but there are some limitations to the game. While the game has a lot of potential, it’s missing many traditional elements that DEX games have. In essence, the game is all about earning yields on tokens. Tokenomics is a big part of this strategy, and the developers have promised to add more features in the future.

To maximize your returns, you can use multiple Defi staking platforms. This technique is called yield farming. It involves moving your crypto assets between Defi staking platforms in order to generate maximum returns. In this way, you can earn passive income, in the form of interest and/or a percentage of the platform’s revenue. Additionally, this method allows you to easily redirect your assets to earn higher yields elsewhere.

Staking in Defi Kingdoms is an excellent way to increase your yields. As you increase the ratio, you will increase your JEWEL stake with the Jeweler. As your JEWEL stake increases, you’ll earn additional JEWEL tokens. You can also earn JEWEL tokens by providing liquidity in the DeFi Kingdoms liquidity pools. Staking in this game is a great way to increase your yields and gain access to a virtual world.

Market of rare utility NFTs

The DFK market, or DeFi Kingdoms, is a decentralized exchange where players can invest in liquidity pools and utility NFTs. Unlike many other crypto platforms, DeFi Kingdoms charges low gas fees for blockchain interactions, and players are free to choose how much to spend and stake. Players can also buy collectible hero NFTs, which have multiple utility cases.

In addition to integrating decentralized finance with a play-to-earn game, Defi Kingdoms has its own decentralized exchange powered by the UniswapV2 Protocol. Through the exchange, users can buy and sell tokens at current exchange rates, and they can also become Liquidity Providers, adding liquidity to the token pools. The main currency in the game is the JEWEL token, which is used to buy the most valuable items and unique utility NFTs. The JEWEL token is also used as a governance token, which allows players to vote on how their game evolves.

Besides being an exciting game, DeFi Kingdoms also offers liquidity pool opportunities and a market for rare utility NFTs. The DEX and liquidity pools work with the UniswapV2 Protocol, allowing users to exchange funds without a centralized authority. This makes DeFi Kingdoms an attractive investment opportunity.

Cost of entry

The recent release of DeFi Kingdoms on the Harmony blockchain has piqued interest among gamers. The game is described as a “game, DEX, liquidity pool, and market for rare utility-driven NFTs.” With its nostalgic pixel art and farming appeal, the game has been hailed as a game with future value.

The game is based on the Harmony Protocol blockchain, and it uses its native coin, JEWEL, for transactions. Traders can purchase and sell items with JEWEL, and they can spend the coins they earn on various items. Players are also given the opportunity to have a say in the game’s evolution and development. The game’s community launched in August 2021, and it has already released its first map of the Capital City, including a working bank and gardens. The map is also home to a future Hero Tavern.

The cost of entry to DeFi Kingdoms depends on the amount of resources you are willing to invest in the game. Initially, the game will cost $9.99, but as you level up, it will get cheaper. You can purchase land plots that will increase your bonuses from farming and building heroes. You can also explore the land and forage for resources, which will help you gain additional resources.