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Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong-based game software company. It is founded in 2014 by Yat Siu. Since then, Animoca Brands has made a lot of progress in developing its game software products.

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited is a global game software company that develops original, innovative and entertaining digital entertainment products. The company leverages artificial intelligence, gamification and blockchain technologies to create a broad portfolio of games, products and subscription services for customers around the world. Animoca Brands Corporation Limited has offices in Hong Kong, the United States and South Korea. The company also has subsidiaries in Argentina and Estonia.

Founded in 2014 by Yat Siu, Animoca Brands develops a portfolio of games that leverage internationally recognized intellectual properties. It publishes products on the mobile, PC and console markets. The company is based in Hong Kong. It also has a number of subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

The company’s strategy is to leverage a number of branded games to offer gamers a unique experience. In addition to its own games, Animoca Brands also licenses its intellectual property to third parties. This has resulted in a number of popular metaverse brands. The company also serves as a global publisher for select games developed by third parties. Animoca Brands is a member of the Deloitte Tech Fast list and ranked number one in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies in Asia Pacific 2021.

Animoca Brands Corporation Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company’s shares are trading at $0.18 per share. The shares were listed on 23 January 2015. Animoca Brands Corporation Limited has been a leading developer and publisher of mobile games. It publishes titles like Crazy Defense Heroes, a tower defense game with collectible card game elements. In its first month, the game generated $1 million.

Animoca Brands has been working to develop a new asset class through blockchain technology. In addition, the company is actively investing in companies across the industry. The company has over 300 investments in various sectors.

Animoca Brands Corporation has a portfolio of investments across different sectors, including mobile gaming, digital content, AI and blockchain technologies. The company has received strategic investments from Sun Hung Kai, SG Hiscock and Perennial Value Management. These investments will be used to develop the company’s AI-related investments and to further develop its blockchain-focused initiatives.

Digital entertainment

Animoca Brands is a global leader in digital entertainment, specializing in gamification and blockchain technology. The company produces original games and offers a wide variety of products based on popular intellectual properties. Its products include games, mobile games, collectible cards, and branded products.

The company is a Deloitte Tech Fast Company, and was a winner of the Financial Times High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021 list. Its products include branded games, a digital catalog of games, casual titles, and metaverse-related gaming projects. In addition, Animoca Brands produces tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a type of data on the blockchain that can be traded or sold.

Animoca Brands has developed a number of gaming projects, including MotoGP Championship Quest and the MotoGP(tm) Ignition franchise. Animoca Brands also operates The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world that is built on user-generated content. It has also collaborated with World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., and Dorna Sports.

Animoca Brands is investing in a number of companies that specialize in decentralized projects and the use of artificial intelligence technologies. It has also invested in Decentraland, Dapper Labs (NBA Top Shot), Harmony, and Lucid Sight. These partnerships will help develop triple-A games that are backed by blockchain tech.

In addition, Animoca Brands has announced title sponsorship of multiple MotoGP(tm) Grand Prix events in 2022. This includes a partnership with REVV Motorsport, a team that operates MotoGP(tm) Ignition, the MotoGP(tm) Championship Quest franchise, and other MotoGP(tm) series games. The MotoGP(tm) series reaches nearly half a billion homes and has 40 million social media followers. It is expected that Animoca Brands will be able to develop a fully integrated experience for MotoGP(tm) Ignition players.

Animoca Brands also announced that it will be a leading investor in Liberty Gaming, a company that will help transform the crypto-gaming landscape. Liberty will offer growth investment opportunities within the GameFi ecosystem, as well as co-branded PR and unprecedented exposure through Animoca Brands’ existing gaming IP. Animoca Brands is also working with Darewise Entertainment, which is developing a online role-playing metaverse-like blockchain video game. This will be the first of its kind in the Southeast Asian sporting landscape.


Animoca Brands is one of the biggest players in the emerging space of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This includes both a sandbox metaverse and a variety of DeFi and GameFi opportunities. The company is also a leading advocate for an open metaverse based on blockchain technology. With a slew of products in their portfolio, Animoca Brands is revolutionizing the mobile gaming experience.

Animoca Brands has a portfolio of more than 200 companies, including gaming projects. It also owns and operates an officially licensed MotoGP game. It also publishes its own games, such as The Sandbox and The Sandbox X. The company has invested in a number of popular infrastructure platforms, including BUSD, Sky Mavis, Be Media, and Eden Games. The company also has a portfolio of digital tokens, such as QUIDD, TOWER, and SAND.

The company is led by Yat Siu, a veteran technology entrepreneur. In addition to being a founding member of Animoca Brands, Siu is the founder of ThinkBlaze and Dalton Learning Lab. His company helps people learn skills that are not often taught in mainstream education systems.

Animoca Brands has invested in more than 100 companies in the last five years. The company has a total portfolio value of $1.5 billion. Animoca is one of the largest investors in the NFT industry. It also has a partnership with Yuga Labs, which created the popular NFT project, Bored Ape Yacht Club. It also has a stake in a play-to-earn game called Animoca Brands RevV Motorsport.

As a leading GameFi and metaverse investment company, Animoca Brands wants to build a new era of true digital ownership for players. They have developed a play-to-earn ecosystem based on the blockchain. Users can buy and sell virtual plots of land in NFTs, which will allow them to create and share digital assets. This new approach will help attract a new generation of people to the space.

Animoca Brands is a leading player in the emerging space of non-fungible toktons (NFTs). The company has a portfolio of more than 200 companies, includes gaming projects, and is a leading advocate for an open metaverse built on blockchain technology. It also has a partnership with Yuga Laboratory, which created the popular NFT project, ApeCoin.


Animoca Brands is a leading global digital entertainment company that has developed a portfolio of products that leverage popular intellectual properties and technologies. This includes blockchain-based games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and consumer applications. The company has partnered with some of the world’s largest brands and companies, including Alien Worlds, Bitski, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE), Formula E, Snoop Dogg, Power Rangers, and more. Animoca Brands’ mission is to advance digital property rights through gamification and asset interoperability.

Animoca Brands is a global player in gamification, delivering true digital ownership of users’ virtual assets. This includes publishing, producing and distributing games, products, and intellectual property. Animoca has also launched a new product called The Sandbox, an open metaverse where users can create and explore a new world. With The Sandbox, users can create and earn non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used to unlock services and unlockable items.

The company has also invested in a number of blockchain companies. Its portfolio of investments includes Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Star Atlas, and TinyTap. These investments include a wide range of digital products and services, such as blockchain gaming, NFTs, health apps, and educational games.

Animoca Brands also has a portfolio of investment partnerships. These include a partnership with Bitski, a platform for creating and publishing games, and a partnership with Alien Worlds, a platform for creating and distributing original content. The company has also partnered with nWay, a platform for advancing the virtual economy.

Animoca Brands has been a key investor in Liberty Gaming. Founded as a play-to-earn guild, Liberty has grown into a fully-fledged GameFi organization. The company’s mission is to engage players by enabling various DeFi and GameFi opportunities in a safe and secure environment. The company has also launched a new token called REVV, which serves as the primary action currency.

Animoca Brands recently raised $2.5 million to develop a blockchain gaming platform called The Sandbox. This new investment will help to accelerate the development of the company’s new ecosystem. Animoca Brands will invest in strategic partnerships, as well as help to develop the platform.

The company has been named by the Financial Times as a High Growth Company Asia-Pacific 2021. Animoca Brands is a leader in gamification and artificial intelligence.