A-Ads: Anonymous Ads

A-Ads is amongst the oldest ad platforms. It is powered by blockchain technology. Much like the Bitcoin, around which it is based, the platform is big on anonymity. It does not collect the personal details and users do not need to verify their details. On the sign-up page, you can use to use your BTC address to sign up.

The platform offers a tagging tool, which is used to help differentiate between the various advertisers. Each ad is given a tag that may be Shady, Risky Investments, or other tags. There is a manual pre-moderation feature that allows publishers to ban tags that they do not want. On A-Ads, there is a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.001 BTC.

A-Ads For Advertisers

This video does a quick overview of the Anonymous Ads network!

A-Ads is a great ad network for advertisers. Signing up is quite easy. When signing up, you will not need to provide any personal data. As an advertiser, you can choose:

  • Cost Per Day model
  • Cost per Mille model
  • Cost Per Action model

However, Cost Per Day is the most effective since it ensures you never have to pay for any fake impressions.

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You will have various targeting options when using Anonymous Ads. You can target by country, type of ad, traffic sources, quality range, and much more. To get the most out of your campaign, Anonymous Ads recommends that you create a low-budget campaign targeted at all traffic sources. You can analyze the result and reward the traffic sources that garner you more traffic. An API can help you to automate this process.

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To confirm whether your Bitcoins have gone through, you can copy the transaction ID into a blockchain explorer. Some of the blockchain explorers prioritize some transactions. As a result, yours may not show up. In such a case, opt to use another one and see if it goes through.

How To Become A Publisher And Earn

To earn on this platform, you will need to become an ad publisher. Once someone places an ad via its network, you are paid once you display those ads. For you to display ads, you will need to own a website. The website will have a designated space where ads will be displayed. If you do not own a website, you can always use a free site from Google such as BlogPost or Blogger. Once you create the site and space where ads will be displayed, there is nothing more you can do. It is up to the network to display the ads.

The Earning Rate

Anonymous Ads is not a pay per click or impression network. In short, this means that getting more impressions and clicks will not necessarily result in more income. The network pays for the number of visitors to the network per day and not to the site, publisher, or ad itself.

How this works is that if a visitor already viewed an ad anywhere else within the A-Ads network, they will not generate a unique impression. However, they will generate an impression if they see the ad first on your site after 24 hours of first seeing it. A unique visitor is differentiated using the IP address.

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It is why most first time users of this ad network usually claim they are seeing a lot more impressions using Google Analytics than what A-Ads is displaying. Anonymus Ads also considers it a unique impression for the first ad and second ads that are loaded in the ad unit. Others after that will be considered impressions.

Affiliate Program

A-Ads Affiliate Program

A-Ads also run an affiliate program. It lets you invite other advertisers to the network. You will then receive a set percentage of the money they spend.

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This is a great way to earn a passive income. However, they have a very narrow user-base, which means you might not make as much money as with other online affiliate programs.

In Summary

A-Ads is a genuine network that allows users of Bitcoin to place ads anonymously. It is a great example of finding real-world use cases for BTC. With time, such platforms could help to transform the ad market. If you run a website and you wish to make a bit of extra income, this site is a great option.