Argent: A Smart Wallet For Smart Users

Even today, one of the main concerns of investors who hold cryptocurrency assets is security. Processes can get somewhat complex, like the need to secure private keys, to understand all the fees involved throughout the game, and sometimes even the need to double-check it all to be sure everything was ok. Argent is a smart wallet, that makes users’ lives easier using innovative features and tools.

How Does Argent Work?

This video explains how Argent Smart Wallet works!

Argent is a non-custodial Ethereum based smart wallet, empowered with remarkable accessibility features and built-in recovery tools. 

The name smart wallet is kind of an abbreviation of Smart Contracts Wallets, which are non-custodial wallets that work leveraging smart contracts so users can have access to unprecedented features and capabilities. 

This platform wants to make cryptocurrency-based assets management more efficient for users, saving time, and preventing some headaches. 

Argent users have their private keys all held on their mobile devices, while smart contracts still holding all their funds safe and intact.

Available whether on iOS or Android, the app already has a 5-star rating among iOS app store users.

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Dig Into It

Dig into Argent Smart Wallet

The so-called smart wallets opened the doors for more additional security and recovery features, helping users to mitigate risks associated with storing private keys, and by making the cryptocurrency world somewhat more secure.

Some of these highly interesting features that might be highlighted here are free transactions, simple addresses, and recovery free of paper backup.

Talking about recovery tools, this is where Argent may stand out more. Introducing Guardians, the platform allows wallet owners to assign trusted devices (or even close friends) to recover their funds, with no need for private keys or seed phrases.

Notice that Argent Guardians never have access to user’s private keys, which makes this feature 100% reliable when it comes to privacy.

Another feature that some people will surely like is the possibility to set daily limits. Argent allows users to set daily limits and withdrawals on their accounts. It sure does help a lot when it comes to funds safety because it drastically reduces the chances of some hacker to just come and withdraw all holdings of any user. 

Argent integrates with ENS (Ethereum Name Services), which makes it possible for the platform to provide users with free sign-ups for human-readable addresses. It helps to mitigate confusion while sending and receiving any digital assets, thus making it safer. 

Nobody likes fees of any kind. Argent made something about it to please users, providing users with free transactions, by adding meta transactions within processes. Now, a user does not need to concern about having ETH in his wallet to trade for another ER-20 token, such as DAI. 

DeFi Sensation

Argent Wallet has features that allow users to access well-known DApps. This creates a new whole world of possibilities for investors, which can seize even more opportunities available on the DeFi scenario.

Through the platform, users have access to MakerDAO, Compound Finance, and Kyber Network, for example.

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On the same day, through his mobile device, an average user can receive a secured loan in the form of DAI, having ETH as the collateral behind the loan (in just a matter of a few clicks). 

Moments later, the user can see how earnings on interest at Compound Finance are going, as he supplies assets to a decentralized lending market, while still being able to remove his assets whenever he wants, 100% free of fees. 

To finish his day in the crypto hustle, the same user can access Kyber Network and easily buy or sell crypto assets through its decentralized exchange. 

Who Will Benefit More From Argent Wallet?

Argent is Ethereum-only wallet.

As Argent is an Ethereum-only wallet, investors and people who like Ethereum better can have a significant advantage here. 

Unfortunately, it leaves out the ability for some to store BTC directly, as well as major cryptocurrency-based assets like Tezos, Binance Coin, and Litecoin, just to name a few.

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Another possibility for such users is to store WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin), a fully collateralized ER-20 token by a reserve of Bitcoin.  This might save the day for some, as they still have the possibility of an Ethereum-based Bitcoin alternative. 


Argent is an Ethereum-based non-custodial smart contract wallet, that features some highly valuable new resources, such as built-in recovery tools, transactions free of fees, updated privacy, and fund control tools, among others. 

Users also have full access to fan-favorite Dapps available today in the market, such as MakerDao, Compound, and Kyber Network. The project has already made a huge impact on the scene and has the potential to be a market leader soon.