Augur: Blockchain Oracle And Prediction Against The Odds

Since ancient times it is known that oracles were responsible for receiving messages from superior powers through symbols and rituals, decoding these messages to others with their above-average God-given gift. Two thousand years later, modern oracles are in the prediction market and Augur brings a platform that allows them to bet with complete freedom, without the usual limitations that insist to plague that specific niche.

How Does Augur Work?

Here is quick tutorial on how to use Augur!

Augur is a decentralized oracle and prediction market protocol based on Ethereum, allowing users to bet how much they want, from anywhere in the world, on sports, politics, finance, etc.

Augur’s big difference from other famous competitors is the fact that bets have no limiting factor, whether for regulations or profit reasons. Augur is also non-profit, which means unbeatable odds and lowest fees. It cannot get any better than this, right?

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Who Will Benefit From The Platform?

The platform brings a definitive solution for anyone who wants to bet online but has some type of limitation that prevents it. Many platforms impose limits on the amount you can bet, what you can bet on, where you can post (geographical limitation) etc.

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Some platforms impose bet limits on fixed amounts or even radically limit the number of bets of users who have good luck and win continuously. Sometimes those who win too much can be kicked out for no other reason. What kind of crazy kicks out a lucky guy?

What Is The General Impact Of Augur?

A platform like Augur certainly cannot go unnoticed, having an immediate impact since its launch.

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Additionally, to be an unprecedented model in this specific niche, which is one of the fastest growing online worldwide, Augur still cooperates for the maturity of blockchain, reinforcing the philosophy that is the background of P2P operations, enforcing freedom and privacy to users.

Augur offers an open system with composability, which means almost endless applications for implementing Augur into whatever products and services users want.

Who Is Behind The Company?

Joey Krug is behind Augur

The idea’s forerunner was Joey Krug, who started in the blockchain hustle by mining Bitcoins in 2011. After two years he decided to build a point of sales system for Bitcoin, however, he ended up abandoning after realizing problems with the future of the project.

In 2014, Krug left behind a chair at Pomona College (located in Claremont, CA) and becomes the co-founder of Augur, which was one of the first Ethereum based projects worldwide.


Bringing real freedom to oracle and prediction market enthusiasts around the world, Augur has no centralization, allowing bets without limitations of value, number of bets, geographic location, etc. 

Augur is a decentralized oracle and P2P protocol for prediction markets, also free, public, and open-source software.

Ideal for those who want to bet freely and are adept at resisting any kind of censorship, Augur is an oracle of freedom that uses P2P technology based on Ethereum smart contracts for non-profit purposes, allowing anyone who wants to bet online to be a modern-day oracle without a God-given gift.