axie infinity news

Having been a long time fan of the AiE Infinity game, I am quite excited to know that there is going to be some good news coming out of the project. I have been able to gather up some information on the project and its future. Here is what I have to share with you.


Currently, Axie Infinity is the most popular PlayAndEarn (P2E) game in the world. Players aim to breed and collect Axies. They also aim to build kingdoms for their Axies, which can be done through farming and trading.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that is built on the Ronin side-chain of the Ethereum platform. The game is created by Vietnamese gaming studio Sky Mavis, which has received funding from several prominent investors such as Mark Cuban.

Axie Infinity is played on PC and Android devices. There are two modes in the game: Arena and Adventure. In Arena, players are rewarded for winning matches and dominating opponents. They can redeem the SLP tokens they earn in Arena for money in the wallet.

In Adventure, players are required to fight monsters in ruins and defeat them to earn experience points. These experience points help level up Axies. They can then use their SLP tokens to buy supplies in the native marketplace. They can then also upgrade their Lunacias using crafted ingredients.

Axie Infinity is currently running an art contest. The deadline for submissions is April 5th. They will also judge content based on originality and quality.

Axie Infinity also offers a land parcel marketplace in its infancy. Players can flip their Axie Infinity land parcels and earn a few dollars. It’s possible that this marketplace will fail due to overburdening servers.

Axie Infinity is the flagship platform of the 2021 GameFi euphoria. It will be on par with World of Warcraft and Roblox. The game will offer players lucrative earning opportunities. They can also explore new worlds. Axie Infinity is currently available on all major platforms.

Price forecasts

Despite its popularity, Axe Infinity’s price is a moving target. It can fluctuate wildly in the short-term and may even go all the way down to -$0. The key to understanding Axe Infinity’s price is to keep an eye on its fundamentals.

Axie Infinity is a nonfungible token-based online video game that is based on Ethereum. It is a player’s property that will grow in value as more players join the network. Axies are a valuable commodity and could be worth a fortune if investors are willing to pony up the cash.

There are many technical indicators used by traders to gauge Axe Infinity’s price. Most of them use candlestick patterns to indicate price changes. Some traders even look at patterns that are considered to be bullish or bearish.

Axie Infinity’s price is closely correlated with the top 100 coins in the market by marketcap. However, analysts cannot accurately predict changes in short-term prices.

Axie Infinity has been one of the biggest players in the crypto market over the past few years. But the markets are still very volatile. Axie Infinity’s price can be affected by regulations, government adoption, and real-world events.

The price of Axie Infinity could surge over the next week, and then drop back down again. Until then, traders should take advantage of the current price dip. The long-term Axie Infinity price forecasts indicate that the value of the asset will continue to rise.

There are a few reasons why Axie Infinity’s price has increased so quickly. The main growth driver is general optimism among investors. The developer team has done a good job of attracting users to the Axie Infinity ecosystem. They are also working on a Lunacia SDK that will allow players to customize their experience and save encounters as an NFT.

Token devaluation

Despite its volatile price, Axie Infinity token (AXS) has a strong chance to rebound in the near future. Axie Infinity tokens have seen a rally in the last few weeks, with the token gaining over 40% in just three days. This could help the token gain traction among crypto supporters.

As the market moves further away from its recent peak, the Axie Infinity token is on the cusp of a rebound. If the market can break above the up-channel, it could rise to $20-$30 range.

Earlier this week, Axie Infinity revealed an update for their player-vs-player competition round. In the new version, there are more leaderboard slots and the reward structure has been revamped. In addition, the prize pool has been increased to $6 million.

The newest update will also make the Axies more valuable. The number of Axies per holder is now essentially 3 instead of 7. This means more Axies are available to players. However, this can cause the per-token rate to drop. This is a problem that Axie Infinity is working to rectify.

The game’s developers are aware of the fine balance between population growth and inflation. This is a major concern that players have had. They have made significant financial decisions based on their previous design decisions. They have been willing to breed their Axies up to three to four times. These are considered “virgin” Axies.

The population of Axies is growing at a slow rate, which is not a problem in the short-term. But, over time, the population will plateau. This means less breeding and fewer new Axies coming into the system. This will mean less SLP, which is the digital currency of Axie Infinity.

Contributors initiative

Earlier this year, Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game, announced plans to move towards decentralization. This included the Axie Contributor Initiative, which will focus on developing progressive decentralization strategy with the Axie community. The goal is to build a digital nation that is owned by the community.

Axie Contributors are a new pilot program that will give community members a chance to contribute to the AxieInfinity ecosystem. Currently, 700 contributors are enrolled in the program. Eventually, these community members will receive formal roles in the game governance. These community leaders will also receive a Discord account and a Discord role. They will be able to engage with discussions led by Town Builders. They will have access to the AxieInfinity Governance section in the Discord server.

As part of the program, Axie Contributors will be able to test different models of community leadership. They will also participate in regular events that showcase their contributions. Axie Infinity staff will monitor progress based on output, quality, and reach. They will also track community engagement.

The Axie Infinity team will also be rewarding creators through monetary and non-monetary benefits. The Axie Creator program is aimed at creators, editors, memers, and guild leaders. The participants will be rewarded through non-monetary benefits, exclusive news and patches, and feedback sessions.

The first phase of the Axie Creator program will be focused on identifying and showcasing community creators. It will then evolve to include new forms of contribution. Depending on the community’s feedback, the program will be expanded to include additional creators.

The Axie Contributor Initiative will also involve a decentralized community treasury. It will be open to players and will allow them to vote on the treasury’s allocation.

User base

Until a few weeks ago, Axie Infinity was one of the world’s most popular play-to-earn games. The Axie Infinity user base had reached over one million players. However, this has since decreased. There have been reports of a drop of up to 10% in users in the last 24 hours. Despite this, the developers say they are working on an “Origin” update that will address the issues facing the game. The update will include new items and gameplay mechanics, as well as free starter Axies.

The developer of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, has not yet provided details on how they will reimburse their users. They are relying on the fact that they will be able to recapture some of the money lost from the crypto heist in the Ronin network. The hackers sucked approximately $600M out of Axie’s accounts.

Axie Infinity’s native currency, Smooth Love Potions (SLP), has seen a significant decrease in value. At one point, it was worth $0.40, but has now dropped to $0.004. This is a drop that has been connected to the decline in the number of users.

Axie Infinity’s user base has been shrinking since November, when it reached a peak of 2.7 million daily active consumers. The latest data from Sky Mavis shows that the user count has fallen to 1.48 million. This represents a 45% decrease from the peak in November.

The SLP tokens can be burned to cash out, or they can be used to breed exclusive Axies. The price of SLPs has also fallen, causing the overall price floor of Axies to be reduced to $6.

The game has been plagued by several issues over the last few months. The game has suffered from server hosting issues and DDOS attacks. It has also struggled to retain users, causing a drop in daily earnings.