Bitcoin Wallets If you are buying and trading cryptocurrencies, you need a safe hardware wallet to store your precious assets, because keeping them all the time at an exchange is way too risky. Thankfully, there are lots of Bitcoin hardware wallets around!

In a world full of hacks and online threats, it is only asking for problems.

That is why the Ledger Nano S is exactly what you need, the ultimate way of keeping hackers and risk away from your cryptocurrencies.

In this post, I will let you know everything about the Ledger and other Bitcoin hardware wallets. Let’s start!

Ledger Nano S – Pros And Cons


  • The safest way to store your cryptocurrencies
  • Perfect if you have a highly diversified portfolio
  • Loved by the community – traders and investors in the crypto community vouch for it
  • Support for different apps and Ledger Live
  • It is discrete – looks like a normal USB
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of mobile support

Ledger Nano S – The Verdict

Ledger Nano S - The Verdict

As you can see, it is a very solid product with many advantages and only one minor con. Other than that minor detail, it is the best Bitcoin hardware wallet that money can buy. If you are worried about the safety of your funds, I recommend you to get it as soon as possible, because with the marketing rising again, the number of attacks will only increase.

You are responsible for your own security, however, the Ledger Nano S makes it much easier to protect your assets from thieves. There are other options in the market, but in my experience and opinion, I like this one the most, because its design, functions, and reputation make it the sexiest in the block. Is It Better than the competition? I would say it is a matter of personal taste, but in my opinion, it is better than the competition in three key aspects:

  • Popularity and reputation
  • Design
  • Connectivity

I know there are other high-quality options, but if you ask me, I will stand for the Ledger Nano S. Every single time.  

Keepkey Review In 2020

Keepkey Hardware Wallet

Introduced in 2015, the Keepkey Bitcoin hardware wallet was developed by Darin Stanchfield, who had established Keepkey in 2014 with Headquarters in US. In 2016, the Keepkey Shapeshift partnership became the first to coalesce a crypto wallet with an exchange. Shapeshift has since taken over the company while Darin continues to be the CEO.

Keepkey Bitcoin wallet doesn’t fare very well when we compare Keepkey and Ledger Nano S or the other luxury wallets from Trezor etc. However, it still has some cool features making it a suitable choice for new traders. It can store cryptocurrencies of 40 types and is aesthetically and structurally better than many competitors. Apart from being extremely user-friendly and a highly economical option, some of the positives of this multi-domain wallet are:

  • Luxurious and Sturdy. It’s not only strongly built but also has a smooth texture.
  • Larger Display. You get to see all your cryptocurrencies on one screen without having to scroll.

The market for cryptocurrency wallets is growing and there are currently many alternatives available. It’s however ruled by a select few and a feature-based comparison between Ledger Nano S vs Trezor vs Keepkey is presented here to enable you to make an informed choice.

The tamper-proof dual-sealed box instills confidence in the user. The box contains the wallet, a USB cable, a card to write your recovery phrase on and a leather cover for the card to keep it safe. Keepkey’s second screen security feature is similar to that of Trezor and offers inherent protection from key-logger spying.

The launch price of Keepkey was quite high, which has now been cut down to just US$79.00, which is much lower than the new generation wallets like Ledger Nano X (US$119.00) or Trezor Model T (US$173).

Keepkey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review – More On Security

With a security rating of just 3.5/5, Keepkey is certainly not the best that the market has on offer in terms of security. However, considering the low cost of this Bitcoin hardware wallet, it does offer some good security features.

Your private keys are stored offline, which entails the complete security of your keys even if your computer gets infected by a virus. The wallet has a PIN code lock, which can be recovered through an 18-24 words recovery phrase. However, when compared with the Trezor or the Ledger, such features are more or less just basic. Number randomization is an additional feature that randomizes the PIN number locations, thereby providing safety against malware attacks.

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Keepkey Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dogecoin, DASH, Litecoin, and Ethereum are the 7 Keepkey supported coins. Keepkey was not supporting ERC-20 coins in August 2018, albeit it now supports over 40 different cryptocurrencies including the ERC-20 tokens.

It stands nowhere in the competition when you consider that 1000+ coins are supported by its rivals. Keepkey also lags in extending support to updated currencies. Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision created from BCH in November 2018 is still not supported by Keepkey and is an example of this.

Keepkey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review – More On The Hardware

Keepkey Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Review - More On The Hardware

Being the largest Bitcoin hardware wallet (38×93.5×12.2 mm), Keepkey has a royal and sturdy look. The 3.12″ OLED display is also the largest in the market allowing all the coin addresses and even the recovery phrase to be seen on the screen without having to scroll. The polycarbonate screen cover provides additional protection to the screen.

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It has only a single button and most of the operations can be easily undertaken through the Keepkey App making it one of the simplest to operate. The USB-A connection is used for charging as well as connecting it to the PC, which is a big plus for Windows users.

It’s one of the simplest Bitcoin hardware wallets to install. You just need to download the Keepkey Google Chrome extension on your PC and connect the wallet. Follow the simple screen prompts and installation is done within 5 minutes ending with PIN and recovery phrase setup.

Shapeshift Integration is arguably the best point about Keepkey as it gives the Keepkey clients an inbuilt crypto exchange making the trading process simpler and easier. However, as it supports a very small number of currencies, this advantage also gets limited. If you’re planning to use only the common most coins, then Keepkey is a fair choice.

Keepkey – Final Verdict

With a good social media fingerprint through Keepkey Twitter, Keepkey Reddit, Keepkey Chrome, etc, Keepkey has a large share of the market when it comes to economic wallets. It’s far behind in competition in terms of luxury and coin support. Its simple installation and easy operation and connectivity coupled with its partnership with Shapeshift are some of its positives.

Overall, you may consider buying Keepkey, if you’re not keen on smart features and don’t want to spend too much on a wallet. However, Ledger Nano S is a better choice due to its affordability and compact size.