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Electrum Wallet: How To Backup you Bitcoin/Litecoin Funds

Software-based crypto wallets are constantly exposed to issues such as system malfunction, malicious hacks, and hardware failures, so it is important to back up...

Celo Blockchain Review – Solution for Real-Problems or a Ticking Bomb?

Celo Blockchain
For quite a bit of time, blockchain and digital cash were seen by some people more as a sort of “intellectual fetish” than as...

Shell Protocol: DEX or Enigma?

Shell protocol
As decentralized finance grows further in the speed of light, new projects seem to appear from nothing. Following all the novelties rising amid the...

Shapeshift: Exchanging Crypto Assets for Free

Shapeshift trading platform
Originated in Switzerland, Shapeshift is a crypto exchange that allows users to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market using a user-friendly and...

Linen App Review – In USDC We Trust

Linen app
A strong tendency amid the scene is the growing use of cryptocurrencies pegged to traditional fiat currencies such as US dollars or the European...

Curv: Trustless Solution for Digital Assets Security

Curv crypto wallet
After hack attacks such as the DAO hack situation, crypto investors and traders are more concerned than ever with the security of their digital...

DeversiFi: Advanced DeFi Trading Edge

DeversiFi logo
Decentralized exchanges still suffer from low liquidity amid the DeFi scenario. Users are ready and willing for solutions to give them the ability to...

HEGIC: Mistakes Can Be Quite Expensive

Hegic Trading
In April this year, the Hegic protocol was launched. It had several interesting features for call/put operations based on DAI and ETH, which immediately...

Matcha: When 0x Meets Accessibility

Matcha Crypto
One of the main factors which stop mass adoption of the blockchain is the user experience. Plenty of the users amid the DeFi scene...