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  • March 12, 2020

15 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Right Now

15 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Right Now

15 Crypto Debit Cards You Can Use Right Now 892 590 Crypto Crow

Cryptocurrency might be a bit overwhelming with how fast it’s changing, but debit cards are a great way to retain some familiarity. Crypto debit cards are made so that you can easily exchange cryptocurrency for our regular non-crypto money. Here are some debit cards that you should check out.

Plutus started up around 2015 and has a great base of loyal customers. One advantage to this card is that users are still in full control of their keys. It is also a valid debit card in nearly 200 countries and with ETH, EUR, PLU, or GBP. With this debit card, you pretty much have another bank account! Any resident from the European Economic Area can avail of it for free.

Among Europeans, Wirex is also a well-known debit card. This multi-currency card was launched in 2014 and now has around three million users all over the world, and has already made transactions worth two billion dollars. Although there is a maintenance fee of around $1.50, there are plenty of benefits. You get a 0.5% BTC using its Cryptoback mechanism, a WXT, and you enable conversion among several different cryptocurrencies. Wirex is soon to expand throughout Japan, Canada, and the United States this year.

Among the classics, Cryptopay has a virtual prepaid card and a plastic one. It can currently be used in Russia and the U.K., and soon Singapore. However, it does only carry bitcoin and fiat currencies. Other popular cards around Europe include Coinbase, Bitnovo, 2gether,Crypterium,AdvancedCash and Uquid.

Revolut launched in the European Economic Area in 2017 and has been a great choice for exchanging crypto with 30 different international currencies. Although Revulot can deduct around 1.5%, there are methods for making transactions to other users without any fees. Use the debit card or Revolut app to exchange crypto at the moment of purchase. However, only the paid plans of Revolut will allow you to avail of crypto. These are the Premium card and the Metal card, for £6.99 and £12.99 a month respectively.

A great option for those who prefer the noncustodial route is Monolith, which stores tokens and ETH in your mobile wallet. As you accumulate it, you can spend it using the Monolith Visa card. Monolith has close ties to the upcoming DeFi movement, which is the current basis for the Ethereum tokens. Monolith has plans for Ethereum Name support and DEX integration.

Around North America is Bitpay. Exclusive to citizens of the U.S., you can buy the card for $9.95 and can be used wherever a Visa card is accepted, and for as many as 8 fiat currencies. However, it does have transaction fees inside and outside the U.S, as well as withdrawal limits.

Across the globe, Paycent from Singapore has a growing base of 94,000 users since its launch 2 years ago. It can now support DASH, Bitcoin, XRYP, LTC, BNB, and ETH all-around 200 countries. You can use Paycent to convert and spend virtual and fiat currency. They come in three varieties, each with their withdrawal limits and fees. These are the Ruby, Sapphire, and Solitaire, powered by China Union Pay, Union Pay International, and Mastercard respectively.

The MCO Visa card of Crypto.com is available in several countries around the globe.Use my code “6f1b1efgzl” and we both get $50 USD. It has five types of cards with increasing cashback, and on the highest tier, users can withdraw $1000 in a month without any fees.

Among the newest, Crypterium is capable of 2.5 million ATMs, 50 million merchants, and without any monthly fees with the standard plan. Their paid plans, however, can be well worth it, with more support, a savings account, a higher exchange limit, a personal manager, and insurance. It can support CRPT, litecoin, bitcoin, and ethereum.

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