With the continuous expansion of the DeFi universe, new projects should increasingly focus on solutions to help users to have a more effective and quicker portfolio management process, integrating cross-platform tools along with interactive dashboards. DeFi Saver is one of those projects that has come true, helping DeFi users to manage their portfolios with advanced features made simple.

How Does DeFi Saver Work?

DeFi Saver can be defined as a one-stop management solution for decentralized finance protocols. It is a remarkable tool that supports a range of different protocols and applications based on Ethereum.

As the main purpose here is high-performance management, the platform integrates with several decentralized exchanges, protocols, and wallets to make it happen.

The platform allows users to easily manage their portfolio by turning things simpler. Users can access and leverage the power of multiple DEXs at the same time, all united within a single dashboard that “digests” a lot of complexities involved in DeFi investments.

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Why Is It Interesting For DeFi Users?

DeFi Saver Automated Liquidation Protection

Users can have access to highly valuable tools for portfolio management through DeFi Saver.

There is the CDP Boost and Repay, which allows users to increase the position size in their Maker Vault or reduce DAI debt in a matter of seconds

Another interesting tool is the possibility to set automated liquidation protection or leverage increases at specific prices and ratios.

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There is also the possibility to earn conveniently, using smart savings for quick access to the best available lending interest rate across several decentralized protocols.

Users that want to interact between Compound and Maker have their request fulfilled here, as they can add DAI to Compound straight from a CDP or repay CDP debt directly from Compound deposits, all done using in a matter of just one single deal.

Dig Into It

So far, DeFi Saver can be considered one of the pioneers of DeFi experiencing a revenue model, aiming to create a sustainable WEB3 model for its’ unique management tool.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect option, even when it comes to DeFi. Fees do exist inside the platform, including a 0.25% service fee for any action that requires conversions and a 0.125% fee when using the exchange widget.

DeFi Saver supports several major decentralized exchanges, using it to source ETH and DAI liquidity. Among these are Kyber Network, Uniswap, Oasis, and 0x.

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Users also can manage some of the most popular decentralized finance protocols at once, within a single application. Options available so far include Maker, Compound, AAVE, and dYdX.

As management is the keyword, we could not forget to talk about the compatible wallets supported by the platform. Ten different options include the major web3 wallets available in the market, such as MetaMask, Trezor, Ledger, Coinbase, and Opera, just to name a few.

The platform is also 100% compatible with both MakerDAO and Compound dashboards, with no migration needed. Users can simply connect their wallets and that is it.

DeFi Saver Offers Endless Possibilities


One interesting feature that must be highlighted is the CDP Boost and Repay. It makes it possible for users to increase their MakerDAO CDP leverage or reduce their DAI debt in just one transaction.

The process involved inside this mechanism can be somewhat complex, using Maker Vault as the main background, but this feature combines both options to create a user-friendly and highly intuitive experience for those who do not want to waste time.

It is also possible for users to interact with the Compound dashboard comfortably, being able to use the Compound’s permissionless lending markets through an alternative interface.

For users who prefer hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger that is an advantage here, DeFi Saver has unique interaction features available for the Compound/MakerDAO pair.

There is another interesting feature, the so-called Smart Savings. It integrates four decentralized finance protocols as Compound, dYdX, Maker’s DSR, and Fulcrum into one single dashboard.

It allows users to track interest rates across these protocols and move funds to the best option available in just a matter of seconds, all done effectively and smoothly.


DeFi Saver is a management application for DeFi protocols on Ethereum that aims to make life easier for those who want the best possible tools to manage their cryptocurrency-based funds/asset portfolios.

The platform supports several different DEXs, protocols, and wallets to deliver a unique experience, offering other interesting features CDP boost and repay (MakerDAO), automated CDP ratio management, and Smart Savings.