guild of guardians

Guild of Guardians is an incredibly charming fantasy game that lets you lead a team of heroes through dungeons to earn experience and resources. These resources can be used to craft items or summon heroes. In addition, they can be traded for real money. As you progress through the game, you’ll start to build your dream team of heroes and begin working with your Guild to compete for prizes. You’ll also be amazed by the gorgeous graphics in this game.


Guild of Guardians is a mobile squad-based action RPG game. It is developed by Stepico Games and published by Immutable Games Studio. Through this partnership, Immutable and Stepico aim to combine blockchain gaming and digital entertainment. This will help them bring the best web3 gaming experiences to eSports communities. In the near future, the game will be released for both Android and iOS platforms. However, its development is still in its early stages.

In Guild of Guardians, gamers can obtain gems for various tasks and use them to buy items in the game. Gems are also used to vote and earn in-game rewards. In addition, the game will feature an alpha version that allows players to experience the game’s features and the use of Gems. In Q4 2022, the game will enter the beta phase, where additional game models and upgrades will be added based on feedback from the community. The full release of the game is expected in Q2 2023. The game will also have frequent updates to keep players engaged.

Immutable, the company behind the game, will publish and develop the game. It will have a staff of more than fifty people and is backed by prominent investors including Galaxy Digital and Naspers. The team behind the game also has experience working on AAA-quality RPG and strategy games. The team behind the game aims to bring blockchain technology to the mobile gaming industry.

In Guild of Guardians, players can build their dream team of Guardians and compete with other players in a massive guild. As you progress in the game, you can earn valuable items and gear to help you in your quest. The game uses a play-to-earn model, and players will earn currency for their hard work and dedication.

Gameplay mechanics

Guild of Guardians features a number of gameplay mechanics designed to give players a unique and rewarding experience. These include leveling up and working through dungeons. Along the way, you can collect rewards which can be used to enhance your Heroes or to create new equipment. The game also includes a trading element. The trading aspect will allow players to mint gaming NFTs and buy them from the secondary market. This will create an economy within the game.

Guild of Guardians is being developed by Stepico Games, a Ukrainian game development company that has worked on a number of mobile games. Its team includes former employees from Riot Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Microsoft. The team is comprised of 20 people and specializes in mobile games.

Guild of Guardians is a role-based multiplayer game that promotes teamwork and cooperative play. The game includes multiple types of combat with different types of enemies and bosses. The player’s ability to dodge attacks and manage aggro and damage output is crucial to surviving in battle.

The game is a combination of team play, classic RPG mechanics, and blockchain technology. The developers will use ERC-721 tokens as the game’s currency. The developers have also taken steps to integrate a safe Ethereum scaling solution, Immutable X. This will allow players to participate in the game’s economy while earning their cryptocurrency.

Guilds will play a vital role in Guild of Guardians. Players can join a guild and have access to exclusive content and game modes. This will give players multiple ways to show off their heroes, battle brutal opponents, and earn rewards.

Blockchain integration

The blockchain integration in Guild of Guardians uses Immutable X, an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, which provides instant trades, zero gas fees, and high throughput. It supports ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Gems, the in-game currency, are an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded in-game. Players can use Gems to buy in-game items and access premium content. They can also be used to craft and merge in-game items.

The blockchain integration in Guild Of Guardians is a big step forward for the game and its community. It will enable players to turn their passion for gaming into digital assets. This is a revolutionary move for mobile RPGs, allowing players and the community to share in the success of the game. It will allow players to access digital assets created by other players, which will allow them to use those assets to create new heroes and other valuable in-game items.

Immutable and Stepico are two of the most prominent VC-backed blockchain gaming startups. Immutable has more than 50 employees, and Galaxy Digital and Naspers are among its investors. Stepico, meanwhile, is a mobile game development studio, with a staff of more than 50 developers. The company has worked on AAA-quality RPGs and strategy games.

As part of its multi-partnership strategy to attract millions of eSports fans, Guild of Guardians has announced partnerships with leading eSports organizations. Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming, and NRG have all signed deals with the game company. These teams have combined followings of 6.3 million.


The Guild of Guardians token is a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for fiat currencies. They can be used to buy goods and services in the game. The most popular fiat currency is the USD. Almost all other fiat currencies can be exchanged for GOG. Some of these pairs are GOG to PHP, GOG to INR, GOG to NGN, GOG to THB, GOG to CAD, GOG to PKR, and GOG to IDR.

Tokens can be acquired in the game using the ERC-20 blockchain protocol. They are tradable in the game and can be used for premium actions and market trading. Gamers can also earn gems by completing tasks in the game. Tokens can be obtained through the private sale process or public token sale. In case of the private sale, gamers can receive their tokens before the general public. These private sale tokens will unlock over a period of 30 months or a year.

In the game, players can also mine for materials, craft items, and create NFT items. Some of these materials are rare and difficult to obtain, so players can combine them with other heroes to create unique items. In addition to this, they can earn GOG tokens every day by completing quests or engaging in various activities.

Despite being relatively new in the game industry, Guild of Guardians has already turned the heads of some gaming industry giants. The game has recently announced partnerships with the likes of Ubisoft and Stepico Games. The partnership will help the game to become the first mainstream game that uses the blockchain technology.

Ubisoft partnership

Ubisoft is excited to partner with a Diablo-inspired blockchain game called Guild of Guardians. The game has already gathered more than 130,000 registered players waiting for the alpha release. It features low-poly graphics, an online multiplayer element, and a sustainable play-to-earn economy. This partnership is another big step for the game, which will receive intensive support from Ubisoft.

The partnership with the blockchain gaming startup has the potential to help both the game and its creators grow. With the help of Ubisoft’s expertise, the startup can improve the game for mass adoption. This can be in the form of game mechanics, user interface, and onboarding processes. In the past two years, Ubisoft has made public its support for the blockchain gaming industry, setting up a dedicated innovation lab to help blockchain startups grow and succeed.

Guild of Guardians is also a game that focuses heavily on its community. Its goal is to build a large-scale online community that will help both companies succeed. Ubisoft has backed this game from the beginning, and the game has already gained a positive response from gamers.

As a result of this partnership, Guild of Guardians will feature playable characters representing a variety of brands. The game will also feature a global leaderboard system. In addition, Guild of Guardians will integrate the worlds of social cooperation and esports. It has not decided on its themes yet, but the total value of the brands’ brands exceeds $2 billion.

Guild of Guardians is expected to launch on iOS and Android platforms in 2023. Its VC-backed developers have ambitious plans to shake up the $100 billion mobile gaming industry. The game also offers the opportunity for players to earn real money through their efforts. In addition, players can build their dream team by combining resources and teamwork with other players in their Guild.