guild of guardians

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play dungeon crawler with a cooperative element. Unlike most MMORPGs, it does not require a subscription or purchase. In addition to its free-to-play mode, the game has an esports league. The game is level-based and offers a wide range of dungeons, each with unique traps and enemies.

GOG (Guild of Guardians) is the game’s native utility token

GOG is the native utility token of the mobile gaming platform Guild of Guardians. It is an ERC20 token and serves as in-game currency. It is also a governance token, allowing holders to vote on platform parameters. Its supply is limited to 1 billion tokens.

In Guild of Guardians, players can earn GOG tokens through their daily activities and trade them for real cash on exchanges. GOG tokens are issued as ERC-721 assets and use the Immutable X protocol to address transaction speed and costs. Players can spend GOG tokens to purchase rare and epic heroes, or to combine them to create powerful combos.

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play role-playing game that incorporates P2E mechanics. Players combine teams, challenge dungeons, and collect resources for their heroes. The game is currently available on desktop, but will soon come to mobile devices. In the meantime, players can earn GOG and NFTs using their accounts in the game.

To trade GOG and ETH, players must have a web-based wallet and an ETH-compatible wallet. Once the transaction is completed, they must wait for the GOG tokens to arrive in their web 3.0 wallet. From there, they can move them to a hardware wallet.

It’s a cooperative dungeon crawler

The development team behind Guild of Guardians includes ex-responsible employees from Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Microsoft. The company also has extensive experience in the mobile gaming industry, having worked on 42 titles to date. The team is spread across five continents and is supported by over 100 external developers.

The game is a cooperative dungeon crawling experience, with teamwork and guilds playing a major role. The player is assigned a specific role and is responsible for managing aggro, healing output, and damage output. This gives players the chance to create a strong team and help one another succeed.

Players in Guild of Guardians can work as one unit or in teams of two to four, depending on which hero class they play. There are three different types of heroes, each with different strengths and weaknesses. Each hero class is equipped with one or two skills that are used to deal damage to the monsters. These skills are also used to increase your team’s power.

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG that promotes teamwork. Players work together to complete tasks and gather resources that can be used to craft new heroes. The game is focused on team strategy and synergy, involving character faction and elemental synergy to increase their chances of success.

Guild of Guardians is one of the hottest games in the mobile gaming industry. With over 135,000 people on its waitlist, the game has the potential to become the next big thing in the industry. It has a great deal of hype surrounding it and is expected to bring millions of dollars in sales in the coming years. Immutable, the publisher of the game, and Ubisoft have already announced their support for the game. With a big launch, Guild of Guardians could propel blockchain gaming to the mainstream.

As with most games, Guild of Guardians has a few ways to make money. The game’s developers have stated that there will be systems in place to ensure that fraudulent players do not flood the market with their products. This will ensure that legitimate players can keep their items’ value. In addition, the only way to make NFT items in Guild of Guardians is to join a Guild. The guilds will then craft the items from the materials dropped in dungeons.

It’s a free-to-play game

The free-to-play game Guild of Guardians offers a fantasy world that players can explore. They can choose a team of Heroes and equip them with unique attributes to defeat monsters and bosses. During a battle, they will gain experience and resources, which they can use to craft items, summon heroes, and even trade for real money. The game also offers a level-based combat system, with light and heavy attacks, attack combos, ultimate attacks, and dodging.

The game’s developers have ambitious plans for this game. They have secured partnerships with leading game developers and investors and are aiming to disrupt the $100 billion mobile gaming industry. Guild Of Guardians is free to play and is designed for mobile devices. This means that it is perfect for those who are on the go. The game has an active community of over 240,000 followers, making it the biggest in its genre.

The game is expected to be released in two phases. The first will be an alpha version for testing purposes. This will allow players to test the game’s voting system and use of Gems. The second phase will be the beta stage, in which the developer will add new game models and upgrades based on community feedback. The full release of the game is planned for Q2 2023. Afterwards, the game will become a live service, featuring a full range of game modes and regular updates to keep players engaged.

While the game is free to start playing, it has a number of features that make it an attractive alternative to traditional RPGs. For example, players can customize their teams of heroes to create rare items and heroes that can be sold for real money. In addition to the competitive aspects of the game, the Guild Of Guardians offers a wide range of characters.

The game is also an exciting example of how blockchain technology can bring massive growth to the gaming ecosystem. Through blockchain technology, the game allows players to turn their passion for the game into digital assets. This is an innovative approach to the free-to-play model and empowers players unlike ever before.

It has an esports league

Guild of Guardians is a mobile squad-based action role-playing game that uses Web3 technology. The game’s developers, Stepico Games, recently announced a multi-year partnership with eight top esports organizations. The partnership will help shape the future of Web3 gaming. It will also open pre-registration for the game to the biggest esports communities.

The Guild of Guardians esports league will bring a diverse player base to the game. It will feature five partner organizations on Forbes’ list of most valuable esports teams. These companies have massive social media followings and massive fan bases, which will bring in a broad player base. This partnership is one of the largest in Web3 gaming history.

The game’s partnerships will bring the game to eSports teams from around the world. Immutable Games Studio will act as the publisher of the league. In addition to bringing competitive gaming to its fans, the partnerships will also help grow the esports industry and allow fans to support their favorite teams through digital assets.

The League is set to launch in the summer of 2022. The first season will feature eight teams. Teams will compete against each other and win prizes. The winning team will get a share of a million dollars. Guild of Guardians has partnered with several professional esports organizations, including NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid.

Immutable is the company behind Guild of Guardians. The company has a solid track record in the Web3 gaming industry, and last March raised $200 million in funding. The company plans to create a win-win scenario with a global audience. With the new partnership, Guild of Guardians will be accessible to millions of players from all over the world.

The League is not available yet, but there are over 100K people waiting to play the game. It is expected to be available for mobile devices in early 2022.