guild of guardians

Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play online MMO, developed by veteran developers and supported by Ubisoft. The gameplay of this MMO is similar to the legendary Diablo RPG. The project will use the GOG token as the currency, and gamers will be able to participate in its management. However, this is not the only positive aspect of the project. Read on to find out more. Listed below are some of its advantages.


Unlike its predecessors, Guild of Guardians is not a traditional RPG. It uses the mobile device as its platform, focusing on mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has overtaken desktop gaming in popularity, particularly in developing countries where most people do not have access to a computer. This means that Guild Of Guardians has an important niche in the mobile space. To be sure, the game will have a rich variety of content, as well as a variety of in-game rewards to make the experience as fun as possible.

In addition to providing a new gaming experience, Guild of Guardians aims to empower its community. Players will be rewarded for their work in the game and will be able to become creators in the game. Additionally, the game is incredibly accessible and is available for iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play, but the game has an active community of over 240,000 players. For a small fee, you can earn real-world currency and gain access to premium features like gas-free trading and instant leveling.

Because the game is not open world, the gameplay of Guild of Guardians focuses on team strategy. Heroes at higher rarity have better base stats, but they still have flaws. Lower-level heroes can also become powerful if equipped properly and leveled. To get these rewards, players must level up their Heroes in the game’s Dungeon campaign. The dungeons themselves are level-based, with bosses, traps, and monsters.

In addition to dungeons, Guild of Guardians features a trading component. In addition to the traditional game economy, players will be able to mint gaming NFTs and purchase them on secondary markets. However, the cost of minting or crafting NFTs will increase over time. A lot of players will find the gameplay of Guild of Guardians incredibly rewarding. But it doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to be prepared to spend some time and effort.

In addition to a massive online community, Guild of Guardians also features a unique approach to online gaming. While the game has a lot of potential, it isn’t a scam. As with most blockchain gaming projects, there are a few risks that must be taken. A lot of crypto projects have been scammed, sucking early investors into purchasing in-game items. The developers of Guild of Guardians are confident that the game won’t be a scam.

In-game currency

Guild of Guardians in-game currency is the primary way to purchase items and equipment. Players can also buy in-game items to enhance their characters’ abilities. The game is set to release on mobile in early 2022, but until then, the game is not yet available for download. As of this writing, over one hundred thousand players have already signed up for the waitlist. However, if you’re one of these people, don’t worry. There are a few things you need to know about Guild of Guardians’ in-game currency.

Gems are an ERC-20 token owned by the Guardians Guild Limited. Gems are the in-game currency and are used to fund premium actions, as well as to trade in the game’s marketplace. Gems are distributed to players over time, and may also be awarded for participation in community events or for bonus tokens. However, be careful when trading with gems, because these tokens can grow extremely quickly and could cause you to lose the game’s community and monetization potential.

Gems are issued by the Guild of Guardians corporation and are used for in-game purchases, rewards, and secondary market trading. Players can also earn Gems by voting and staking in the game. These Gems can be traded with other players or transferred to a third party’s wallet. As a play-to-earn economy, Gems are essential to the game’s success. In addition to their utility in the game, Gems also provide a way to protect the game from bad actors and to reward community participation.

Unlike many other games on mobile, Guild of Guardians is a true community-building RPG with social aspects. The developers have a clear vision to shake up the $100 billion mobile gaming industry. The in-game currency system in Guild of Guardians will allow players to earn real money while enjoying a world of fantasy and adventure. However, the game’s economy is more complex than other games, so a real-world currency will likely be necessary for gamers to advance.

The main goal of Guild of Guardians is to provide players with a safe and secure gaming environment. With its blockchain-based system, players can buy and sell in-game items in the NFT marketplace. Players can also join guilds and collect NFTs as they skulk through dungeons and mine resources. The game’s team is transparent and enthusiastic about blockchain and is dedicated to providing a great play-to-earn mobile experience. And, it’s free to play!

Development team

Guild of the Guardians is a squad-based multiplayer RPG with a fantasy setting. Players build their own teams of heroes and compete against each other to earn epic tradable rewards. Players can play as human beings, elves, orcs. Players also have the option of joining a guild. The game features a wide variety of gameplay modes and requires a strategy to succeed. Guilds are organized by level, and players can choose from a variety of characters to fight off other players and earn experience.

Immutable will publish Guild Of Guardians, with Stepico Games assisting the company. Immutable is a VC-backed blockchain gaming start-up with investment from Naspers and Galaxy Digital. Stepico is a mobile game development studio with over 80 employees and a track record of producing AAA-quality games. The company also recently acquired Immutable X, the developer of blockchain-based video games.

The developers of the game are backed by a VC-backed firm and have big ambitions to disrupt the $100 billion mobile gaming industry. The game has a large community of over 240,000 followers on social media, making it one of the most popular games in its genre. The team plans to release Guild of Guardians for iOS and Android in 2023. The team will continue to hire people to help with the game’s early development.

With the help of blockchain technology, Guild of Guardians is a play-to-earn mobile RPG. With this gaming model, players and the community can convert their passion for gaming into digital assets. With the advent of blockchain technology and blockchain-powered games, Guild of Guardians is sure to become something unique and special. So, what are you waiting for? Get Guild of Guardians today and experience the power of this groundbreaking game!

Future plans

As part of its development, the Guild of Guardians has already partnered with top-tier game developers and investors. The developers of the mobile RPG aim to disrupt the $100 billion industry and bring new features to the genre. The game also offers real-world currency so that players can earn money from the game. Guild of Guardians has already established itself as a popular community, with over 240,000 fans, making it one of the largest in the space.

The developer behind Guild of Guardians has stated that the game will first go through an alpha stage. This phase will include testing the use of Gems for voting purposes. It will then move on to the beta stage, where new game models and upgrades will be implemented based on community feedback. Eventually, it will be released as a live service in Q2 2023. Once it launches, Guild of Guardians will feature a variety of game modes and receive regular updates, ensuring players stay interested in the game.

During its development, Immutable also has partnered with publisher Ubisoft. Together, they are creating a world of player-created content on the Ethereum blockchain. The partnership will provide a shared virtual space for characters in both games. Ubisoft has already pledged support for the game, and the positive player response has been overwhelming. With so many promising features, Immutable is sure to continue to make Guild of Guardians an extremely popular game.

Guild of Guardians’ development team has also announced new features, such as in-game currency and NFTs. A native utility token, called Gems, will be introduced in the game. Gems are used in crafting and staking, and they also serve as the platform’s governance token. As such, players can use Gems to vote for the parameters of the platform, such as the number of levels, difficulty, and other features.

The team behind Guild of Guardians is a startup based in Ukraine that specializes in blockchain-based games. The team also has the backing of Immutable, a VC-backed blockchain gaming start-up with Galaxy Digital and Naspers as investors. Moreover, the development team at Stepico Games is comprised of more than 50 people and has developed several AAA-quality mobile games in the past. This should prove to be a lucrative partnership for the company.