How to buy Golem (GNT) Guide

In order for you to understand how you can buy, sell, or trade Golem, it’s important to understand the basics of how it works. Essentially, Golem utilizes the unused computing power of PC’s on its network. Users can sign up to lend computing power in exchange for a GNT reward, as well as offering this computing power to people who need it. 

What is Golem?

Basically, Golem is the network of shared PC’s processing power, and GNT is their cryptocurrency. GNT stands for the Golem Network Token and is required for renting the computational power from the Golem network.

At the moment, GNT trades at $0.062338 with a market cap of $61,094,141 (24.02.2020), golem price predictions are fairly difficult since GNT was a top 10 entity at one point, it took the developing team two years to take the project from alpha to beta, too long. 

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Reasons to Buy Golem

Working on the basis of sharing resources to earn money, signing up for a Golem wallet might be a good investment for you. With names like Airbnb, and Uber proving that this sort of model can be hugely beneficial in all sorts of ways, from environmentally to economically. 

Golems ecosystem of power-sharing is a great way to bring the cost of high computational power down, making it more accessible to develop technology like artificial intelligence, DNA exploration, and machine learning, or natural language processing (NPL). 

At any time, a user can decide to lend their computing power to the Golem network, to be used for video editing, mining, or whatever is needed. In exchange, you may receive GNT or another service. GNT can also be bought, sold, and traded. 

To start buying Golem, you’ll need to first set up your Golem wallet, read on to learn how to buy Golem. 

How to create your Golem wallet 

Getting your own Golem wallet is free and easy. Simply set up a Coindirect account, and click the receive button to get your own Golem wallet address. You can use this wallet to withdraw, sell, and buy GNT cryptocurrency. 

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Best Ways to Buy Golem (GNT)

Now, with some basic knowledge of Golem, and a Golem Wallet for trading your coins, this is how to buy Golem. You can choose to buy using either a credit card or a bank account. 

Buying Golem using a credit card

  1. Go to your Golem wallet and click ‘Buy’. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your card type, you should either select “New VISA Card (EUR)”. 
  2. After entering your card type, you can decide how much GNT you would like to buy in either euros or GNT. 
  3. Next, a preview screen with a quote will pop up, and within 55 seconds you can confirm the transaction, then you can freely enter your credit card info, pay, and then you will have successfully purchased your own GNT. 

Buying Golem using a bank account

By signing up for a Coindirect account, there are a few different currency wallets available, including a EUR wallet. Conveniently, you can deposit EUR into the respective Coindirect wallet using a bank transfer, and credit your account that way. 

  1. First, you’ll want to go to your EUR wallet, click the “fund now” option. And select your bank you want to transfer from. (you can get the reference and payment details from ‘bank to transfer to’ in the drop-down menu). 
  2. Then you can transfer funds to your wallet from your chosen bank account, and after the processing time of 0-3 days, the funds will be available. 
  3. Now you can easily buy GNT by going through your golem wallet and selecting your EUR wallet as a payment option. 

Once you have figured out how to buy GNT successfully, you will want to look at how to sell and trade your coins. There are two avenues available for cashing out your coins, you should sell them back for instant money for the current market price, or you could trade in a marketplace peer to peer. Although trading can take a little more time and effort, it might be the way for you to get the best deal. 

How to Sell Golem (GNT)

Now that you can buy GNT, how do you go about selling it? Well, this is as easy as going back to your Golem wallet, and selecting the ‘Sell’ option. As long as you are in a SEPA are selling GNT is instantaneous. Just trade Golem (GNT), and have money in your account straight away.

Now, if you are in another region, without a local currency wallet, it’s easy to create an offer on the marketplace, and sell your GNT that way. Although it can take longer to get your investment back, it can still be worthwhile to pursue selling GNT. 

We hope that now you have a clear understanding of how to buy Golem (GNT). If you need more information on the process, feel free to reach us out or write a comment below.