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  • December 6, 2019

How to send tokens from MetaMask

How to send tokens from MetaMask

How to send tokens from MetaMask 1024 676 Crypto Crow

How to send tokens from MetaMask

This article is for everyone who wants to learn how to send tokens from metamask,
whether you are a novice or intermediate blockchain user, just follow our instructions and you will be familiar with the Metamask User Interface in no time.

a.) Use the Chrome Extension to login to your Metamask wallet
b.) Select Access my Wallet on https://www.myetherwallet.com
b.) Select Create a new Wallet or Access my Wallet
c.) Select the “Metamask” option to connect to your wallet

Transfer ERC20 Tokens

Every transaction is powered by Gas, which refers to the transaction fee required to
successfully execute a transaction or contract on the Ethereum Blockchain. To
calculate the Metamask gas limit required for your transaction just head over to the
[ETH Gas Station – https://ethgasstation.info/]

  1. Enter the Ethereum address you’d like to transfer your ERC20 tokens to in the
    Address field, always make sure to DOUBLE CHECK the address, there is no way of
    retrieving tokens that were sent to the wrong or an ERC20 incompatible address.
  2. Enter the number of ERC20 tokens you want to transfer into the amount field.
  3. Next to the amount field, you are able to select your token from a dropdown list, if you
    can’t see the token you have to add it as a custom token (instructions below)
  4. MEW (MyEtherWallet) will recommend a gas limit based on the current market rate
    and network conditions
  5. Initiate the transfer with a click on the “generate transaction” button and then click
    “send transaction”
  6. Click “Yes, I’m Sure” in the dialog popup to confirm your transaction and then the
    submit button
  7. If your transaction was submitted successfully you will see a green popup at the
    bottom of the page which includes your transaction hash and a link to your
    transaction details.

How to add a custom token. 

1. On the right side of the overview select “Add Custom Token”.

2. Enter the contract address in the “token address” field, for an overview of most 

tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain just visit ethplorer.io, select your custom token and copy the contract address

3. Paste the Symbol in the Token Symbol field. 

4. Select the number of decimals for your specific token in the “Decimals” field (will be available on the ethplorer tokenpage.

5. Submit the form with a click on save. 


Metamask is a tremendously practical solution to access the Ethereum Blockchain entirely in your browser. With its ease of use, it provides a great contribution to the mainstream adaption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Beginners in the crypto community need a way to directly interact with the ETH Blockchain, metamask protects them while also keeping things simple and user-friendly. 

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