When it comes to blockchain investments, any beginner with little or no clue about this specific business knows that choosing a crypto wallet that works well, is an essential part of the process. InstaDapp has come to make a difference when it comes to blockchain assets management wallets, especially by providing the user with a universally accessible portal, featuring all-in-one services within a user-friendly interface.


InstaDapp is a smart wallet for Defi, which stands out from other similar services in the market for allowing its users to manage several DeFi apps at the same time on the same platform, maximizing returns on different protocols quickly and safely.

Instadapp users can benefit from several top-notch projects in one place, such as Uniswap, Compound, and MakerDao, just to name the most well-known.


The project promises to revolutionize the way “ordinary people” look at blockchain investments.

The project’s philosophy is defined by the team behind the idea as “keeping things as minimal as possible, and easy to understand”. It is safe to say this smart wallet delivers what it promises.

Often, despite the philosophy of freedom of use and full respect for the privacy of individual finances, the universe of cryptocurrencies becomes somewhat closed to many people, especially those who do not know code and crypto language (which sometimes can be confusing).

The idea here is to focus on making the DeFi world as easy as possible for non-technical users, basically by keeping the core decentralized (which is the heart of blockchain), but without the exaggerated amount of technical jargon and advanced language that many products or services often insist to push on users. 


Using InstaDapp instead of accessing each of the protocols individually has much more advantages for users, allowing the management of several DeFi Apps at the same time.

The user is able, for example, to start the day lending from Compound, then some minutes later he can adjust his Uniswap liquidity pool or manager a MakerDAO vault, just in a short matter of time. 

In a few clicks, everything will be done, with no headaches, bureaucracy, and 100% tax-free. As the project focuses on simplicity, the interface is easy to use and can be handled even by beginners.

Another remarkably interesting aspect is that InstaDapp still crafted its smart contracts, making the process even more integrated. It is precisely this functionality that makes InstaDapp a “smart wallet”, in the most literal sense of the word.


One of the biggest advantages of InstaDapp is the ease of access and use.

To start, you must visit InstaDapp.io, access the dashboard using any web3 supported browser of your choice, where you will be asked to create a smart wallet assigned directly to your address.

Then, just follow the instructions for creating your Smart Wallet, having your favorite Dapps at your disposal, and being able to manage your blockchain assets as you never did before.

The left-hand column set on the dashboard disposes of all the features you can use on the platform.


Founders are brothers Sowmay Jai and Samyak Jai. The idea came from a series of events that came together, with InstaDapp as the final product.

The brothers started by creating a nicer interface built on the top of Maker in 2019. After this, they were offered an exclusive opportunity provided by Kyber Network, in their own words “to build whatever service they felt was needed in the space”.

After deciding to simply drop out of college to dedicate full time to their DeFi projects, the brothers adopted minimalism and simplicity as the main core of their ideas, allowing complex transactions to become more accessible to users.

Thus, came the smart wallet project, which was carried out after an impressive seed round led by Pantera Capital, which included investors such as Kyber Network and Loi Luu, among others. At the end of the round, they raised $ 2.4 million, which allowed their vision to become a reality.


A revolutionary project led by two visionary brothers, InstaDapp is a smart wallet that uses interface minimalism and processes simplicity to make it possible for users to manage several different Dapps at the same time on the same platform, without problems with the complex blockchain language.

A true milestone in the DeFi universe, the platform stands out for its accessibility and ease of use, having a series of features that make the process of cryptocurrency assets management much more pleasant for both beginners and advanced users.