Matcha Crypto

One of the main factors which stop mass adoption of the blockchain is the user experience. Plenty of the users amid the DeFi scene today have quite a bit of experience in cryptocurrency-based markets. Still, if the blockchain wants to reach the financial mainstream, it necessarily needs to please the “common folk.”

To help solve that problem, many companies across different ecosystems are developing several projects to introduce the concept of decentralized finance in a more natural way to the masses.

In this sense, the 0x protocol launched a user-friendly layer to make the access easier for crypto newcomers, allowing them to exchange and trade different coins within a single intuitive tool.

A Quick Story About Matcha

For those who are not aware of the 0x protocol, it is a permissionless liquidity aggregator used to create DEXs. It works by creating connections between different liquidity providers to incentivize market makers to fuel decentralized trading on assets.

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This unique structure supports several token exchanges, including several Ethereum token standards.

How Does Matcha Works?

Matcha is a trading platform built on top of the 0x protocol. It is a DEX where users can come to the decentralized exchange of different Ethereum-based currencies but hold control of their assets throughout the whole process.

Matcha is well-known amid investors and traders because it can offer the best price when compared to other top-notch DEXs. The reason is that it has a different approach, as they do not use a single liquidity source.

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The platform system works by aggregating multiple sources of liquidity across different ecosystems, such as the native 0x, Uniswap, Kyber Network, Oasis, and Curve, just to name a few. It pulls pricing data from all its’ liquidity sources simultaneously when the user is operating trades.

It has a unique automated process to split the trades across all liquidity sources to provide users the best price and lowest slippage possible, which is called Smart Order Routing. It is a remarkable and useful tool for investors who operate making larger trades.

It happens precisely because a single source of liquidity will hardly offer the best pricing on larger trades. The service promises to get even better over time, as Matcha is still seeking and adding up new sources of liquidity to help prices get even better.

Accessibility is the primary concern here, so the homepage is designed to welcome even the most novice crypto trader. It features a unique search field, where the user can type out what token pair he is looking for, and, in a matter of seconds, he will be within that specific market to start trading.

Sometimes DEXs can be quite challenging to understand, especially those where the interface just throws a lot of graphics and a wide range of information that can seem disconnected to untrained eyes.

Matcha quickly solves that problem by offering an excellent user experience for both advanced and novice investors, who will find the layout approachable and intuitive.

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The platform aims to offer the best token coverage amid the scene, and the team works every day to evaluate and add new supported tokens to be traded within the platform.

The evaluation of a potential new tradable token goes through several aspects when analyzing if a specific cryptocurrency should or should not be included in the set. Matcha looks for reputable tokens with strong demand and high liquidity (the platform can be quite demanding).

What Lies Ahead in Matcha’s Future?

Matcha Trading Interface

Specialists and investors see Matcha as one of the most promising platforms today when you consider the value of their idea for the expansion and maturity of decentralized finances.

Unfortunately, many platforms and services across the blockchain still do not realize the importance of being attractive to newcomers, allowing tools and features that can truly impact people’s everyday lives.

Matcha works to differentiate itself by offering a complete platform on which new users are shown with essential metrics to help them make the best deals (such as slippage rates and fees and a chart that instantly shows which token has increased or decreased in value, for example).

Despite being a novelty, launched just a few weeks ago, it is safe to state that it will soon start to rival some big dogs of this industry, such as Binance or Coinbase. As an old quote would say, the wolf on top of the hill is not as hungry as a wolf climbing the mountain, so let us wait and see how it goes.


Built on top of 0x protocol, Matcha is a trading platform that brings the concept of “simple crypto trading for everyone” as their motto. Users have the opportunity to use it to perform fast and secure token swaps, trading directly from their wallets, with no central party at all controlling their funds.

Another highlight is that Matcha automatically finds the best prices by aggregating liquidity across several DEX networks such as 0x, Uniswap, Kyber Network, and more.

Smarter crypto traders will surely keep an eye on the companies’ operations over time because it promises to become a prominent player amid the Defi markets sooner than later.