Risks management is one of the cornerstones when it comes to investments. Crypto-based assets aren’t an exception, especially if we consider all the volatility inherently associated with this market.

Digital investors need to put a lot of effort into identifying and evaluating potential risks, to find possible ways to strategically coordinate the portfolio in a way to avoid potential failures or losses.

MBN Global is a DeFi platform solely focused on enabling risk management tools for both crypto and stock investors, empowered by blockchain technology to reduce risks using smart contracts.

How Does MBN Global Work?

MBN Global is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform designed specially to help investors worldwide (which includes both stocks and crypto markets) to reduce potential losses and control risks.

By using smart-contract technology and oracles, it allows user to access a unique DApp where they have a full risk management dashboard in a single place.

MBN uses Proof-of-Trade technology, avoiding frauds, malicious behavior, and other similar risks for further security. Plus, all completed trades history is stored directly in the blockchain via smart contracts.

Throughout the whole investment process, the application doesn’t require users to necessarily deposit any assets to take part in the trading activities. Investors can keep their assets on their own, saving it at their exchange account or web3 wallet.

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Investors can expose themselves to various profitable deals as they can use a single exchange account to operate with both real-world traders and bots.

Despite being a brand-new project amid the scene, MBN Global already managed to seal strategical partnerships with leading companies in the industry, such as Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Bittrex, Toshi and Coinbar and MetaMask (just to name a few).

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Onboarding the platform is remarkably easy. Users just have to log in using a supported web3 wallet and enter a profile nickname of their choice. Hence, MBN gives a unique Ethereum signature to each user, to identify who is who within the system.

Empowered by a user-friendly UI, MBN permits investors to manage their assets (digital/stocks) and receive funds from other investors as well. To get into the dashboard, the users just are required to add their API keys.

Subscription Plans

Investors have three plan options to use the platform: Free, Premium, and Pro. Every investor is allowed to choose a plan that fits him/her better. They vary a lot regarding featured tools and applications, as the more expensive a plan gets, the more possibilities it will feature (logically).

Users can purchase paid plans using external cryptocurrencies or MBN (native token), choosing to either use the attached personal wallet or make a direct transfer on the address presented in the link. When the transaction is completed, the profile status is effortlessly upgraded.

The MBN Token

MBN Token

The project features a native token called MBN, which can be used for several purposes including trading, payment of fees, staking, and governance purposes.

Within the platform, all commission fees are charged in the form of MBN tokens, as a native digital currency makes it easier for the infrastructure.

As stated before, MBN tokens can be used to pay to advanced features within the network, available via monthly subscription. Payments are done either using original MBN tokens or converted MBN tokens (when a user pays with other cryptocurrencies, they are automatically converted to MBN).

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Investors can use this native digital asset for staking as well, earning profitable rewards by committing amounts of the token into the platform.

Currently, the MBN token has a circulation of 131M, from a Total Supply of 643 million MBN.

Governance Model

Governance is an essential aspect behind decentralized projects, which isn’t different from MBN global. The projects feature the COF (Community Operated Fund), a unique digital asset pool capitalized from the MBN team, community members, and outside investors.

Using this structure, they select the most businesslike traders available in the market to come and help to manage the assets of the whole community.

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This system was designed to provide investors with multi-trading opportunities by arranging meetings between virtuous traders and organizing competitions to stimulate excellence in a high-performance financial environment.

Token holders have exclusive benefits according to a four-level chart, where the highest level (number 4) means the highest percentage of returns. As a reward for high-level token holders, 10-15% of profits obtained via COF is distributed among these investors. Each one receives a share proportional to the number of tokens committed to the platform via staking.

Final Words

MBN Global is an Ethereum-based DeFi platform for risk management, where users can monitor, trade, stake and govern through several decentralized mechanisms.

The project is empowered by smart-contracts and oracles to deliver a reliable risk management and control dashboard. It uses the concept of Proof-of-Trade in transactions, so all completed trade history is stored directly in the blockchain for security reasons.

The best description for MBN would be as an innovative idea, truly passionate about decentralized finances and the philosophy of use of digital assets.