Mintable App: Minting ERC721 Tokens Was Never That Easy

A popular tendency across the web is digital art. There is an ever-growing number of independent artists, which includes painters, visual artists, illustrators, and designers, that choose to use the internet as their gallery. Besides, other people need to save unique information such as contracts, patents, legal deeds, and security data, with full ownership of the content and no risk of theft. How does Mintable App fit into this?

The blockchain plays a big role in this process, especially if we consider the rise of ERC-721 tokens. Mintable App allows anyone to easily mint, manage, and browse digital items directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

What Is An ERC-721 Token?

Here is a video that quickly explains ERC-721 tokens!

Tokens of the ERC-721 type are known as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), which means that they are unique and non-interchangeable with other tokens.

For instance, think about baseball cards. If you have a super rare Barry Bonds card, would you just change it for a card of a second division player? Absolutely not!

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That is why ERC-721 tokens are the perfect format to secure digital collectibles directly into the blockchain, with no risk of loss or degrading like physical collectibles.

So, to summarize the idea: ERC-20 tokens are meant to be money-related tokens, while ERC-721 tokens are meant to be for things and thing-like tokens, so to speak.

How Does The Mintable App Work?

One of Mintable App developers walks through its use process!

Mintable App is a web application based on the Ethereum blockchain, designed to allow users to create digital items using ERC-721 tokens in a matter of seconds.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly experience, it has the power to deploy smart contracts for any asset, while walking the customer through the process with no need for IT-savvy or code knowledge.

It is also possible to find any ERC-721 available on the Ethereum Network. The customer just has to look up contracts by searching it in the search box. Then, it is possible to instantly add an asset of choice by looking it up or even browse it through contracts.

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For some people, the management of ERC-721s can be quite difficult sometimes, but the App quickly solves that issue with only a few clicks. The customers can check all tokens, controlling access, and transferring between wallets.

The platform had the initiative to start a donation to support the team, by giving customers fee discounts for its’ services. Any user who donates receives in exchange a rare discount card minted and sent directly to him/her.

Dig into It

ERC-721s can be used with several purposes aside arts, such as a picture of a signed contract (legal protection), legal registration like deeds or proof of ownership, tokenized real-world assets like 1oz of gold and digital items like exclusive video game items.

The Mintable App is a free service, where the customer has the unique ability to manage all his ERC-721 tokens in just one place.

Any user can also mint a new smart contract, which will be deployed to the main ETH network in a matter of seconds, democratizing digital ownership of several real-world valuable goods.

To connect into the Ethereum network via Mintable App, the customer will have to use a MetaMask Chrome extension. The MetaMask will act as a bridge to connect into the Ethereum ecosystem, without the need for running the full node.

Some actions require the use of Ether, such as sending a transaction or creating a smart contract. Customers who are interacting directly with the Ethereum blockchain pay a small fee paid in Ether, but it is not a big deal.

What Are The Main Advantages of Mintable App for DeFi Users?

What Are The Main Advantages of Mintable App for DeFi Users?

Mintable App is interesting because it permits pretty much anyone to mint ERC-721 tokens and manage them easily. It requires no coding or any sort of ABI code at all.

The user can easily transfer his tokens between wallets, with full control access and token checking.

A unique discount policy to encourage donations is also incredibly useful, as all fees are discounted by the amount available on a user exclusive Discount Card.

Everybody Hates Fees

Although the application is free to use (requiring no paid subscription or whatever), there are some transaction fees within the process. These fees will vary accordingly to the congestion of the ETH network, so luck plays an important role here.

The fees may seem kind of high at first sight, but it can be understood as a tactic to incentivize people to donate, to receive a discount coupon.

Donators receive even 100% discount mintable tokens, ending up owning an exclusive mintable token while paying only a gas fee for the ETH network.


Mintable App is an Ethereum-based application which allows user to mint, manage and transfer ERC-721 tokens, requiring no coding or technical knowledge. These mintable unique collectibles can have several purposes such as digital art, digital items (video-game related, for example), contracts, patents, deeds, security data, etc.

Despite being already available on the main Ethereum network, the application still runs a Beta version.

Try Mintable App for a simple way to mint ERC-721 tokens!