MintBase: Next Level Marketplace For Non-Fungible Tokens

Designing and creating NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is the new wave in the DeFi scene. Several projects recently came live to try and help digital artists to get into the NFT space. MintBase is the easiest way anyone can use to mint ERC-721 tokens. Users can create NFTs without necessarily having the full knowledge behind the code-structure realm behind blockchain.

Anyone can create art pieces or GIFs, put it through MintBase and, in no time, have a unique NFT done.

A Quick Background

NFTs, an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens, can be described as digital collectibles. They are cryptographic tokens designed specially to represent something unique.

This type of token has a good range of use cases, as anyone can use this standard to mint several collectibles (such as art pieces, sports cards, legal contracts and deeds, patents, security data, etc.) directly into the blockchain.

ERC-721 tokens are the technical standard to mint NFTs in the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to describe things-like tokens on the ecosystem, while the ERC-20 standard is used to describe money-like tokens.

How Does MintBase Work?

How Does MintBase Work?

MintBase was designed to be a next-level marketplace where users can create, mint and sell NFTs, without necessarily having the technical skill to deal directly with Ethereum smart contracts.

The whole platform dashboard is quite simple, as there are less than 10 buttons to describe all functions. It allows users to quickly get used to the mechanism, so after just one day exploring you know all the tools and possibilities available in it.

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MintBase allows customers to build their markets, as well as new smart contracts and new tokens using a user-friendly tool, with no need for code or IT-savviness. The platform is decentralized, so users can check all smart contracts by themselves.

The platform supports several options of web3 wallets, including MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, Trust Wallet, Fortmatic, Coinbase Wallet, Argent, OpenSea, Opera, and others.

All NFTs minted through MintBase’s smart contracts have great interoperability, so users can store and use it on any wallet, exchange (or DEX), DApp, or game. Gaming items, for example, can be sold directly on the gaming network and, once the payment is done, the ETH drops right into the seller’s account.

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Understanding the Process

Here is a quick tutorial on how Mintbase works!

After you log into the platform using your web3 wallet of choice, MintBase immediately brings you to a homepage screen. Despite being easy-to-use, the experience could be a bit more intuitive, as the relation between some buttons and functions aren’t so easy to understand right away.

In the upper left, the screen shows the user’s name and space available for a small description. Right under, there is also a little “bird” button that allows you to attach your Twitter account, meant to improve users’ interactions.

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To start the minting process, you need to create a store, where MintBase will display all your NFTs. After paying a small gas fee in the process, your store is ready to go.

To create a new NFT, you will go to the editor screen. Here it is possible to choose an image with a maximum 600×600 frame (png, gif or jpg), insert the piece’s name and a small description above it, choose the quantity to mint (availability) and define a sale’s price.

There is no limit for minted tokens, but users (especially artists and creative professionals) have to be careful, as scarcity plays a big role in the value of a Non-Fungible Token.

MintBase also requires a small fee to mint your token, usually just a symbolic amount considering how low it is.

OpenSea Integration

OpenSea Integration

MintBase offers seamless integration with the OpenSea platform. For those unaware, OpenSea is the biggest DeFi marketplace nowadays, displaying thousands of digital collectibles, gaming items, and other NFTs based on Ethereum.

It is possible to transfer the ownership of collectibles one by one or in batch-mode, for one address or multiple addresses at the same time.

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If you want to transfer your NFTs for an OpenSea address, just enter your Open Sea address and you can seamlessly send it over in no time. This strategy can be highly beneficial for artists who want more exposure and publicity online.

Who Is Behind The Platform?

MintBase's CEO is Nate Geier.

MintBase’s CEO is Nate Geier, an entrepreneur with a unique professional background. He holds a degree in Journalism and Creative Advertising and took part in several ventures before getting involved in his current project, including firefighting, scuba diving, and software development.

The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.


MintBase is a web platform where users can seamlessly create and mint unique NFTs. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers great interoperability with other DEXs, wallets, DApps, and gaming environments.

It also features an exclusive integration with OpenSea, where artists and other creative professionals can expose their NFTs easier and profit more doing what they love.