Nash: Well-Rounded Solution For Cryptocurrencies

Since its’ inception, the goal behind the original idea of cryptocurrencies is to decentralize the financial system to give people more freedom and accessibility regarding money. However, as time went by, many crypto investors started to see it more as a virtual stock market investment than as an everyday currency, capable to quicken real-world solutions such as payments, loans, etc. Nash has a unique approach, bringing together a cryptocurrency exchange and an exclusive wallet under the same project, to make users lives easier through the blockchain technology.

How Does Nash Work?

The video above is an informative overview of the Nash exchange.

Nash is a non-custodial decentralized exchange, which allows users to buy Bitcoin (BTC), trade cryptocurrencies, and hold crypto to pay for products or services.

To deliver all these together in one single platform, Nash is empowered by a unique revolutionary cross-chain technology.

This FinTech company uses the blockchain as an infrastructure for its integration of financial services, delivering a compliant platform where users finally can use crypto in their everyday lives.

The user experience is easy, with an intuitive UI and dashboard. Users are not required to go through any KYC procedure to access the platform, as well.

Crypto buyers can use the cross-chain possibilities offered by their trading mechanism to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO, and other cryptocurrencies, receiving the assets directly on their wallets.

The project is backed by industry-leading investment companies such as Neo Global Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Connect Capital, just to name a few.

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The Nash Wallet

The Nash Wallet

Speaking on crypto wallets, Nash has an exclusive native wallet, empowered by a non-custodial API keys mechanism. It never has custody over funds, so users remain in control all the time.

It allows users to keep different network assets into one safe place together, eliminating the need for several wallets to fit cross-chain assets such as BTC, ETH, and others.

Using the wallet dashboard is easy to track and monitor all assets within the funds. As security is a high concern, it has the possibility for users to set withdrawal limits using MPC technology (Multi-Party Computation) to maximize a secure environment for the assets.

Nash permits users to connect their wallet with DApps and websites seamlessly, using the platform’s exclusive payment tool.

Compliant Crypto Exchanging

Compliant Crypto Exchanging

Empowered by a distributed off-chain matching engine, the exchange mechanism is the heart of Nash. It is designed to be used by everyone, so both beginners and advanced traders will have the same level of user experience while trading using the exchange.

The platform is also a big profitable pool for traders, who can enjoy a high-speed trading performance to exchange assets across different blockchains, with no need for any sort of counterparty.

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As the platform offers a premium cross-chain experience, there is no need to wrap tokens to make them tradable in other ecosystems. Traders using Nash trade only real tokens, such as real Bitcoin (BTC) for original Ethereum (ETH), for example.

High-Speed Payments Using Cryptocurrencies

Nash supports crypto payments!

Nash features a PayPal-like payment tool, where users can use crypto assets to pay for several products and services, wherever cryptocurrencies are accepted.

As the user experience is the ultimate goal for Nash, the platform simply requires users to scan a QR Code to process payments, fast and secure, with no bureaucracy or association with traditional banking entities.

Stores can effortlessly support payments via Nash just using SDKs (software development kit) to add up the service into their business platforms.

NEX Token

The Nash blockchain structure has a significant part associated with the NEO network but also has incorporated Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems as well.

The team also put a lot of effort into designing token smart contracts, especially on their native token NEX (an acronym for Nash Exchange).

NEX holders can claim accumulated fees from trading within the platform, due to a unique staking mechanism. These fees are calculated proportionally either in the proportion of traded assets or in the proportion of transferred assets.

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These tokens are staked directly into a smart contract that returns part of the fees incurred on the platform for holders.

NEX holders can opt to stake their tokens in a period between one to 24 months, but holders choose to stake their tokens for more time will receive a better proportion of fees after all.

The team considers the token as “the world’s first digital security, laying the groundwork for future companies to release their digital securities“.


Nash is a non-custodial decentralized exchange platform where users can trade, make payments, or invest using cryptocurrencies across different blockchain ecosystems such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS and others.

A revolutionary technology, built with the user in mind, Nash combines the security benefits of blockchain with the speed and effectiveness of traditional financial services.

The platform is the pioneer when it comes to providing a high-performance cross-chain trading dashboard featuring multiple possibilities (trade, pay, and invest in the same place).