Management is an essential aspect of investments, especially cryptocurrencies, thus administration tools are fundamental. Nowadays it is not so hard to start earning interest and trading fees on the many exchange platform spread all over the scene, such as Uniswap for example. Furthermore, becoming a liquidity provider for different pools became one of the most profitable roles in the industry. unites the two ideas, by providing a unique online platform where crypto investors can interact and monitor several liquidity pools across different blockchains in one single place.

A Quick Story About

One of the basic concepts in the decentralized finance market is the idea of liquidity pools. Liquidity pools can be defined in the crypto universe as different pools filled with token sitting in smart contracts, with enough tokens for any users who want to exchange one coin for another, using the Ethereum blockchain as the ecosystem.

Lots of people want to take part in this activity, providing liquidity to earn returns and annual percentages yields. Hence, information is a game-changing factor.

Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol in the Ethereum blockchain, designed to provide automated liquidity for investors. It permits different users to swap different tokens between each other, solving the liquidity issue associated with decentralized exchanges.

How Does Work? was specially designed to serve as a third-party decentralized application where users can interact with several liquidity pools. Learn more about the platform on their official page.

Its user-friendly dashboard helps liquidity providers to understand every pool. As understanding Uniswap returns can be quite hard, Pools created an advanced tool where users can find the best returns for staking ETH and other profitable tokens in P2C (Peer-to-contract) decentralized exchanges.

It shows a huge amount of data regarding Uniswap liquidity pools, which also includes positives and negatives milestones (such as historical returns or impermanent losses) featured by the strategy used, token used in the transaction, type for trade used to close the deal and also original smart contracts.

Pools Fyi Stats

All based on a well-designed dashboard, users begin by checking in using one of the supported wallets (MetaMask, Portis, Fortmatic, and Authereum). On the upper side of the platform, there is a search box where users can search for liquidity pools by name.

Within the platform, investors can find the best liquidity pools (if they want to become liquidity providers) or track and manage liquidity pools (if he already is a liquidity provider).

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There is another selection tool on the right side of the dashboard, where investors can select which pools they want to see, based on the platform (Balancer, Curve, Uniswap v1 e v2). There is also the possibility to filter pools by certain topics, such as “Stable”, “Incentivized”, “Goods & Services” and “New”.

The home screen always shows the first of more than 400 pages consisting of pool data, led by the top 10 Liquidity Pools. The chart shows the name of the pool, the liquidity associated with it, the trading volume in the last 24h, and the pool ROI (Return Over Investment) in the last 30 days.

Advanced Management Tool

The greatest thing about is its unique reunion of an advanced strategic data-based tool with a clean and smooth UI where it is almost impossible to have a hard time.

Experienced and novice liquidity providers (as well as analysts and wannabes) can access valuable and reliable data about various topics covering several aspects regarding liquidity pools.

For instance, the user has the possibility to:

  • Check historical returns for Uniswap pools for comparison purposes, all based on an assortment of strategies.
  • Explore all Uniswap pools, with data about liquidity, price, and trading volume, to compare and search for the best opportunities.
  • Explore and review returns history per year for each pool, including estimative regarding impermanent losses.
  • Check and pour over a fully transparent trading history of each pool, including details about each trade.

Who is Behind the Idea?

The company was founded by Caleb Sheridan, one of the co-founders of Blocklytics. Blocklytics is a UK-based endeavor established in 2019, specialized in delivering blockchain data.

His professional background started in the online poker industry. He spent many years playing, later becoming a product manager for PokerStars. As online gambling mixes aspects of gaming and FinTech, eventually he came across cryptocurrencies.

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Soon, he began analyzing Uniswap for a Blocklytic’s weekly report called Uniswap Report. As readers started to engage more and develop an interest in deeper analysis about liquidity pools, came to reality to fulfill their needs.

Final Words is a decentralized application that permits its users to interact with several liquidity pools. Using a well-rounded dashboard, investors and analysts can access, track, and manage advanced strategic data about liquidity pools.

The platform was specially designed for liquidity providers, by doing a type of curation of information. Pools have an essential role in the DeFi liquidity market, as finding this type of information can be hard even for advanced users.

For that, the platform delivers an intuitive and simple dashboard empowered by detailed and reliable data.