Ramp Instant: Decentralized Fiat On-Ramp Solution

Some monetary operations can be quite difficult to handle both on the common financial system and in the DeFi world. Because of the process-related complexities of legal procedures involved, some issues may be harder to solve. Many blockchain-based platforms aim to solve such problems using innovation as the main tool. Ramp Instant is a platform that wants to change the way DeFi users look at fiat On-Ramp (which can be quite complex), by offering a brand-new decentralized and trust-minimized solution.

Back To Basics

Getting money in and out of the blockchain ecosystem requires the use of on-ramps and off-ramps, which can be defined in Layman’s terms as crypto exchanges that allow for value deposits and extractions.

On-Ramp is the name investors give to a crypto exchange that allows a user to deposit fiat (cash) into the system and convert funds to cryptocurrency. It allows users to acquire tokens that enable them to participate within the ecosystem, explaining the term “On-Ramp”.

For many people, this can be the hardest part of investing in crypto assets, as most countries have created laws governing this process, to avoid money laundering and other possible schemes. Users’ data confirmation can be somewhat difficult, which can turn the process into a nightmare for some.

Off-Ramp is the name given to an exchange that enables people to convert cryptocurrency-based assets for products, services, or even a cash deposit into their bank account.

How Does Ramp Instant Work?

How Does Ramp Instant Work?

Ramp Instant is a platform that aims to create an easily accessible connection between the blockchain decentralized financial system and the traditional banking system, focused on making On-Ramp operations easier.

All based on smart contracts, the tool works with no need for a trusted third party, with no sort of middlemen involved between the two worlds.

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Understanding The Problem

The video above explains the state of On-Ramps in 2018, which is still applicable today.

First-generation On-Ramps became somewhat centralized and fragile due to restrictions imposed by traditional banking institutions.

Most On-Ramp available options are based on models that whether have troubles related to the geographical locality or have a high-reliance on credit card rails.

These models are also custodial by nature, making it inherently vulnerable legally (regulations plus more regulations) and financially (expensive to operate). Client-Bank relationship problems, legal issues, high transaction fees, and transaction limits, just to name a few, are the most usual problems suffered by users.

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Ramp Instant proposes a solution that relies on immediate access to the banking system (all granted by law).

The solution works based on banking data provided by Open Banking. Here, users finally can connect to bank APIs directly, which makes it possible for them to settle transactions based on their financial data.

Proposing A Smart Solution

Ramp Instant 2.5% Fee

The platform created a non-custodial and open protocol to enable fiat On-ramps.

It works as a P2P marketplace where liquidity pool owners (people who sell cryptocurrency) provide liquidity to buyers.

Open Banking makes it possible for Ramp Instant to access banking data on behalf of the bank account’s owner. The platform uses this permission to “Read” or “Write” access to data.

Read access enables Ramp to do transaction payment confirmation, while the Write access allows the platform to create wire transfers.

The platform has fixed a 2.5% fee, with no minimum fees or minimal volumes for transactions.

So far, Ramp Instant is available only for European Union countries (such as UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, etc.), and users can use any bank account that supports SEPA transfers. It does not work with credit cards, only accepting bank transfers.

Ramp Instant team plans to spread its’ wings worldwide, one country at the time, but this can take quite a while, as legal and technical issues concerning local banks and laws make it difficult.

Why Is Ramp Instant So Important For Decentralized Finance?

Thinking in the long-term, Ramp Instant represents a pivotal factor for DeFi expansion and maturity.

If there is something DeFi users need, it is an open, reliable, and trustless P2P protocol for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

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To create a connection between the closed banking layer with blockchain-based open networks and web3 smart wallets will bring the definitive change the world needs in terms of financial freedom.


Ramp Instant is a decentralized trust-minimized P2P solution that aims to be the definitive solution for fiat On-Ramp exchanges.

Ensuring legal and technical backup for such operations, it already operates on European Union countries, supporting SEPA transfers. The project is based in the UK and plans to extend the service for other countries outside the European Union.