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In her recent interview with TechCrunch, Sky Mavis discussed her plans to scale her company without dilution. She hopes to continue hiring aggressively without dipping into the AXS token reserves. She also talked about being resilient to regulatory changes. These are great goals for a new cryptocurrency. However, it is important to understand the risks involved.


Sky Mavis is a blockchain-based company developing games and products. Its first game, Axie Infinity, is a game where players can control Axies, virtual pets. These digital pets can be equipped with six different body parts and each has a different battle move. This means the combinations of these unique little battlers are virtually limitless. The company also provides data-driven expert analysis.

At AxieCon, Sky Mavis announced new products and features for its Axies game. New products include a free-to-play version and an alternative that requires users to pay real-world money. In addition, it has introduced a new mini-game for Land Alpha players.

Axies are genetically unique creatures with unique abilities. The game allows players to breed them and create new generations of Axies. They can also be used for trade or improved with resources. The game also offers a competitive multiplayer mode known as the Arena, which is available for players who are more advanced. There are over 500 different Axies to collect, and each one has its own unique abilities. Players can also engage in battles and treasure hunting with their Axies. They can also purchase land and build houses using the resources found on the platform.

The company is also working on expanding the game’s Axie Infinity mini-game. The new Axie Infinity Raylights mini-game will be available this fall. Players can harvest minerals from their world, and then use them to grow plants. The game will also feature new plant species and mineral-based crafting systems.

Sky Mavis has said that Axie NFTs will eventually become universal game tickets. The company also plans to encourage community collaboration. Not only will the company promote projects, it will also help in the creation of new content. This way, the community can create unique experiences that will further grow Sky Mavis’ ecosystem.

Ronin network

The Sky Mavis Ronin network has recently been attacked by attackers, who managed to compromise four validator nodes and steal the private keys of five others. The attackers also managed to compromise the Axie DAO validator and gain majority control (5/9). These attacks enabled the attackers to make illegitimate fund transfers using the Ronin network’s bridge on Ethereum. According to Sky Mavis, it plans to increase the number of validator nodes in the next three months to 21 and has a goal of establishing more than 100 in the long run.

The company has since issued a postmortem report on the security breach, describing how it happened and how they changed security. They also explain why they were late in identifying the breach. The company admits it didn’t have a tracking system in place to track large outflows from the bridge. However, they have added a human verification process to the new system.

The Sky Mavis Ronin network has been compromised in the past and has revealed that it lost $625 million worth of cryptocurrency. The funds include 173,600 Ethereum (ETH) worth nearly $600 million and 25.5 million USDC, which are pegged to the US dollar. The hackers were able to get away with the stolen funds, resulting in a significant loss to Sky Mavis. The attack was detected in March 2022 when a user could not withdraw more than 5,000 ETH. The hackers, however, were able to gain access to the network’s validator nodes and depleted the funds in two transactions.

Another important development of the Ronin network is the addition of Google Cloud as a validator node. This will help the network process transactions. This collaboration will also help the network secure data. The developers hope this move will allow for an even greater level of security for the community. The two companies will continue to work together to develop the network.

Since the attack was discovered, Sky Mavis has acted responsibly, beefing up its security. The team has engaged outside security experts and has conducted a thorough audit of the Ronin network. Moreover, it increased the number of validator nodes to eleven and promised to increase the number of validators to at least 100 in the future. The added validators will make it harder for attackers to carry out unauthorized transactions.

Community Treasury

The Community Treasury is a fund on the blockchain that is earmarked to reward the community for its contributions to the network. The funds are meant to reward protocol improvements that enhance the overall value of the network. The Treasury also allows users to make anonymous contributions. This makes it possible for people to moonlight as contributors.

To increase the reach of Community Treasury funds, the Treasury engages in extensive outreach to reach disproportionately impacted communities. These outreach efforts help make sure that funds reach more households and create significant impact. The Treasury’s outreach efforts have resulted in a significant decline in child poverty. By working closely with the communities that have the highest needs, the Treasury is able to provide more funding to them.

The Community Treasury is a digital community that allows members to connect with others with similar interests. It is a place where people can ask questions and share knowledge and help one another. The content will be in English and focus on topics relating to finance, forecasting, risk, and import/export. Users can subscribe to posts and receive automatic updates.

Bounty curators must have an appropriate track record in the subject area and be good at project management. They should also have a broad knowledge of the subject area. Bounty spending is a mechanism that rewards community members for completing a certain body of work or achieving certain objectives. Curators are given an address where payouts can be made once the requirements are met.

Treasury has also hosted more than fifty meetings and information sessions with Tribal leaders and administrators. Through these engagements, Treasury is working with BIA Regional meetings, national organizations, and other organizations to better understand Tribal economic recovery issues. Deputy Assistant Secretary Adair Morse recently delivered the keynote address at the 2021 Reservation Economic Summit Annual Conference. In his speech, he highlighted the SSBCI program.

Treasury is committed to strengthening its government-to-government relationships. For this reason, it has expanded its engagement with Tribal governments. Treasury has adopted best practices and developed a process to ensure meaningful consultation.

Google Workspace

Google Cloud and Google Workspace are key to Sky Mavis’ content delivery network strategy, as they provide superior caching and load balancing capabilities, which help provide a consistently smooth experience for its customers. In addition, Sky Mavis is currently hiring and plans to hire another 100 people over the next 18 months.

Google Workspace is an integrated cloud workspace that brings together Google applications, such as Gmail, Sheets, Slides, and Docs. It also includes data encryption and enterprise-grade access management. This cloud-based solution enables engineers to collaborate with a team anywhere in the world, regardless of their location.

Sky Mavis is working with Google Cloud to increase security measures and improve the speed of its content delivery. The cloud service has advanced load balancing and caching capabilities, which will ensure a smooth, reliable experience for its users, even in remote areas. Google Workspace and Sky Mavis are collaborating to improve productivity across the two companies.

The new collaboration between Google Cloud and Sky Mavis is a strategic move that will benefit both companies. The collaboration will expedite the development and distribution of Sky Mavis’ products. Google Cloud will help Sky Mavis develop and expand its Ronin network, which will ultimately lower the environmental impact of its network. Additionally, Google Cloud’s advanced caching and congestion control functionality will help the platform provide a smooth user experience. The collaboration could also lead to new distribution strategies and engaging user experiences.

Google Cloud is also the perfect choice for businesses that develop and publish games. It provides a scalable platform for software deployment and game server orchestration. Google Cloud offers security and ease of use, and allows developers to monetise their experiences. The service also releases regular updates. Its cloud architecture ensures zero downtime, ensuring that users can continue playing their games while it is up and running.