Sorare Review

One of the best growing niches amid the blockchain scene today is the games niche, especially fantasy sports. If crypto-based projects and companies want to achieve mass adoption of blockchain, they need to bring in more and more people over time, and sports/games are a remarkable way to accomplish this task. Sorare is a project that has as its main mission to bring soccer fans to the blockchain world.

How Does Sorare Work?

Sorare is a brand-new blockchain-based soccer card trading and fantasy sports platform. Here, soccer fans worldwide will be able to interact and play using tradable digital player cards.

Each digital card is an official digital collectible, meaning they are certified officially by a real club or league. Users can collect them, trade them with other people, and use it in several different activities, like a fantasy soccer tournament for example.

These digital player cards can be acquired by users in packs, but they also can be acquired in individual form, by using auctions.

So far, Sorare has 41 clubs officially licensed (including top-notch teams such as Juventus, West Ham, and Roma, just to name a few), adding up new clubs every week.

The digital player cards are game assets built on top of Ethereum, being non-fungible ERC721 tokens. Users can audit their ERC721 smart contracts, as well as their exchange smart contracts.

Understanding the Sorare Cards

Collectible sports cards are not a novelty, especially soccer cards. Physical sports cards were used for decades amongst different generations.

Sorare is the pioneer when it comes to giving users the possibility to build a collection in a digital world, all based on blockchain technology.

Traditionally, game assets were not scarce/tradable. Based on Ethereum blockchain, Sorare’s cards are limited edition digital collectibles, with provable scarcity behind every single card.

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Another main advantage of digital collectibles based on blockchain is that once you own a card, it cannot be taken away from you, stolen, or copied for someone else.

Besides, blockchain cards offer endless possibilities when compared to physical ones, being tradable and usable among several different games and applications.

Each player card represents a specific soccer player and is tied directly to a specific season. Nowadays, for the 2019-20 season, there are 3 different levels of scarcity for each card: Rare (100 copies), Super Rate (10 copies), and Unique.

What Soccer Leagues Does Sorare Cover?

Nowadays the platform is covering the Jupiler Pro League, the top 5 European leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A and Ligue 1), the well-known Brasileirao Serie A, the USA-based MLS, the classics Portuguese Primeira Liga and Superliga Argentina, as well as major leagues worldwide like Eredivisie, Chinese Super League, Süper Lig, and Russian Premier League.

How Digital Player Cards Meet ETH

After a user has registered and completed the full tutorial to select his first free players, he can visit the “Transfer Market” inside the platform to see other player cards he may want to acquire to help strengthen his customizable team.

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A user (a.k.a manager) can choose to buy a new player card (by placing a bid via auction) or acquire it from another user. The payments can be done using a credit card or directly in ETH (notice that users must have a compatible web3 wallet to participate).

For withdrawals, the platform tournaments reward winners with additional player cards and ETH-based payouts.

Who is Behind the Idea?

The project is based in France, more specifically in Paris. It started to be developed in 2018 but was officially launched for the public only in March 2019.

Despite having just small personnel working behind the stage (the majority with a background in web development), the platform has already more than 10k users, reaching a monthly volume of $150k in March 2020.Sorare cards Recently, Sorare has announced the arrival of the first coach card issued by the platform, nobody less than legendary Diego Maradona, thanks to a partnership with the Argentinian Gimnasia la Plata.

The project is backed by companies such as Ubisoft, ConsenSys, SeedCamp, and Kima Ventures.

Final Words

A pioneering project when it comes to uniting blockchain and soccer, Sorare is an Ethereum-based global fantasy soccer game, where users (a.k.a managers) can trade ERC721 digital collectibles, as well as compose their teams and compete in tournaments for rewards (collectibles or ETH) weekly.

Sorare is quickly reaching fame and fortune, adding add new teams and leagues every week, attracting more and more people and helping the blockchain scene to go mainstream.