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STEPN is a web 3.0 NFT lifestyle game

STEPN is an online lifestyle game that uses gamification and move-to-earn mechanics to encourage players to live healthier lifestyles. It also has a dual-token system: a game token, the Green Satoshi Token, and a governance token, the Green Metaverse Token. These tokens will be distributed over the course of eight years, beginning in March 2022.

STEPN uses a unique Game-Fi approach to encourage users to live a healthy lifestyle and fight climate change. It uses GPS to track users’ location, and allows users to earn game currency by jogging, walking, and running. The Social-Fi component of the game is also crucial for driving user generated content, a key part of STEPN’s concept.

StepN is a new application developed by FindSatoshi Lab Ltd. (a reference to the anonymous creator of Bitcoin). The app is designed to be the world’s leading crypto-fitness game for mobile devices. It won fourth place at a hackathon last year, and it is now in public beta. It is available for iOS and Android devices. As a result, it is not only an innovative new fitness game but also contributes to fighting climate change and connecting people to Web 3.0.

STEPN is a web 3.0 application with gamefi elements. It incorporates FTs and NFTs such as Sneakers, Gems, and Badges. It also contains a built-in marketplace for users to buy, sell, and lease NFTs. Beginners can start renting Sneakers to get started on the game.

The STEPN app works on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency. Users must have a wallet connected to their ethereum account before they can access the STEPN ecosystem. It is possible to purchase Solana through cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Etoro.

It uses GPS to track your movement

Unlike conventional fitness trackers, Stepn sneakers use GPS to track your movement. If you move for more than 5 minutes, you’ll earn a GST. This can be transferred to your account or burned to purchase additional features and upgrades. You can also earn a higher GST by leveling up your sneakers.

Stepn is currently in beta testing and has gained a lot of attention. The sneakers are designed to track your movement, and they can also earn you virtual currency. This currency can then be used to purchase different branded sneakers. The sneakers can also be synced with a mobile app, which tracks your progress and allows you to track your progress through social media. The app also tracks your distance and energy points. This helps you improve your running and earn more points.

Users can also customize their sneakers by breeding two sneakers. Once a user reaches level 30, they can breed them to produce a hybrid sneaker. They can even swap the sneakers to earn more money. In the future, STEPN plans to launch sneaker rentals. In the meantime, STEPN is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries, but it is still relatively unknown in the developing world.

In the meantime, users can purchase NFT sneakers using the STEPN mobile app. The GPS on their phones is required for the sneakers to work. Users can earn GST from their steps, and these tokens can then be traded in for SOL or USDC to level up their sneakers and sell them on the NFT marketplace. The GST token is worth $0.93 as of this writing, but GST is worth as much as $8.51 in late April. The basic NFT sneaker walker earns five GST for every 1 Energy, so each walk earns up to $4.65.

The app can track your movements and speed. It can even pull your Health Data to calculate your step count.

It has a native in-game spending token

The STEPN in-game spending token allows players to purchase sneakers. There are various types of sneakers, each with its own unique characteristics. Users can also level up these sneakers to boost their resilience, luck, and comfort. The game also has GMT for governance, which can be used to increase the GST per “energy” spent.

Players can spend GST on upgrading their sneakers, or they can use it to buy new pairs. The energy in a pair depends on the rarity of the pair. The higher the rarity of a pair, the higher its energy level. The energy level of the shoes will also affect their durability.

Players can also buy or sell Sneakers through the STEPN marketplace. Users can also rent Sneakers from other players. This will allow new players to enjoy the game without paying an initial amount. In return, the player and the sneaker owner split the revenue. This could encourage more people to join the game and help it expand to new markets. Currently, the game is mostly popular in wealthy nations.

Users can also transfer GST from their personal wallets to their STEPN wallets. This will increase their ability to spend GST. This means that players will be able to spend GST on more than just sneakers. The STEPN ecosystem also makes it difficult for cheaters to manipulate game mechanics and exploit loopholes. There are cheating methods, such as GPS spoofing, motion simulation, and multiple phones. Such tactics could result in a large amount of GST being earned per session.

The STEPN app is built on the Solana blockchain, which is a rival of the Ethereum blockchain. To buy sneakers, users use the SOL token. Moreover, they must also purchase the GST token to gain access to in-game features like sneakers upgrades and energy cap.

It allows users to earn GST

GST is a utility token that can be earned from Stepn sneakers. GST is used to unlock gem sockets, which in turn increase the attributes of the sneakers. GST can also be used to repair NFT sneakers, which wear out like real shoes and need to be repaired to be worth anything in the game. There is an unlimited supply of GST, and it has skyrocketed in value since the project’s launch. GST is used for all purchases and earnings, and can be used to level up and purchase better sneakers.

STEPN is a Move-To-Earn web3 lifestyle game that encourages players to move and earn by wearing NFT Sneakers. Currently, the game is in its Public Beta phase, and the information below may change as the game grows in popularity. The native utility token of the game is the GST Token, which has an unlimited supply and is designed to provide liquidity to the ecosystem. GST can be earned by players in the Solo Mode and in the background mode.

In order to earn GST, players need to make sure that they stay within their recommended speed range when running. Otherwise, their earnings will be cut by 90%. Players can also opt to run in a marathon mode or switch to a background mode if they so wish. The game relies heavily on energy, which is a key component of the game and determines the amount of GST tokens earned while running and walking.

STEPN has several types of sneakers to choose from, with different types allowing users to earn GST depending on the activity that they perform. The rate of crypto earnings will depend on the rarity of each item. Users can use the GST utility token to buy sneakers and repair their sneakers, or they can use the GST to exchange it for other currencies. As with any cryptocurrency, StepN will take a percentage of the GST utility tokens they purchase, but the percentage is very small.