stepn sneakers

The brand new STEPN sneakers are now available. They come in a variety of colors, and are sure to please any basketball fan. These shoes are also designed to keep you comfortable and stable while you play. There are three different options to choose from, so you can pick the pair that suits you best.

STEPN’s mechanics

STEPN is a move-to-earn app that rewards you for walking and running. It uses GPS technology to record your movements and reward you with tokens.

STEPN is currently in beta. Users can download the app and purchase a pair of virtual sneakers. After purchasing a pair of sneakers, they can use the app to monitor their distance traveled, and earn a token for every kilometer. However, there are no rewards for wearing a pair of sneakers that are not connected to the network.

STEPN has two in-game tokens: GST and GMT. They are used for upgrades on sneaker gems and unlocking more sneaker sockets. The value of these tokens is quite volatile, so it’s best to treat them with due diligence.

STEPN’s dual token economy model provides users with both a utility token (GST) and a governance token (GMT). These tokens are earned in a variety of ways.

For example, GST is a game utility token that can be used to upgrade sneaker gems, unlock sneaker sockets, and repair sneakers. GST can also be traded for dollar-backed USDC stablecoins.

STEPN’s Move2Earn system is similar to that of Axie Infinity. However, STEPN’s model is less robust. Unlike Axie, STEPN only has a limited supply of 6 billion tokens. This makes it difficult to manage growth.

STEPN’s mechanics may be fun to play with, but they’re not enough to prevent the death spiral of players who become tired of the game. STEPN will need to change its earning potential to retain its users.

If STEPN can implement a sneaker rental system, then it can break into new markets. That would help to boost its market share, especially in wealthy countries.

However, as STEPN becomes more popular, the demand for the utility token is expected to be less than the number of people able to afford to buy a pair of NFT sneakers. As a result, STEPN may be unable to meet its revenue goals.

STEPN has introduced new mechanics to balance its token economy. One such feature is the “game mode” that can convert five minutes of movement into GST tokens, depending on the quality of the sneakers the player owns.

Earning GST

Stepn is an exercise-to-earn app that rewards users with a native token called GST. It also uses the power of the Solana blockchain to provide blazing-fast transactions. Users can earn GST for walking, running, and jogging, while other players can mint their sneakers and sell them on the app’s marketplace.

Players can level up their sneakers, and they can also participate in monthly marathon competitions. They can sell their sneakers on the secondary market for anywhere from $400 to $100,000. Some entrepeneural investors hire teams of runners to earn GST for them.

Players can earn up to three GST per day with base stats. But if they are willing to invest more energy, they can earn up to five GST per day. Upgrading sneakers can significantly boost the amount of GST they can earn. Using STEPN TOOLS can help players calculate how much they can earn, and how long it will take to make a profit.

The value of GST has dropped dramatically since peaking at $8.51 earlier this year. Since then, it has retreated by 99.8%. However, Stepn has shared that it expects the value of its native token to rise again. Moreover, the company plans to release its own DEX.

STEPN offers several types of sneakers, with some designed to suit different fitness levels. Each shoe has different attributes, including resilience, efficiency, and chance for random prizes. These attributes influence how quickly the sneakers wear out. And they can be sold for higher prices if they are upgraded.

STEPN also allows users to repair and upgrade their sneakers. Once a sneaker is upgraded to Level 30, players can switch to a GMT earning mode. They can then use the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) to gain access to premium game content.

Until January 1st, 2023, Stepn is doubling the amount of GST that users can earn. That means they can earn twice as much for each walk and run. In addition, they can mint legendary sneakers.

Currently, the cost of minting a sneaker is determined by the quality of its Vintages and the price of GST. If the quality is low, players will have to spend a lot of energy on reminting.

Level-up mechanics

Level-up mechanics in STEPN are designed to keep players motivated and interested. These mechanisms are not as complex as they may seem. If you’re not an athlete, you can still participate in STEPN by combining two NFTs, running in a specific speed range, and maintaining your energy levels.

The STEPN app uses an active GPS connection to make sure you’re moving. You earn GST and GMT for your activity.

Each time you run or walk, you consume virtual energy. The amount of Energy you need to run increases with your level. Increasing your Energy will allow you to get more tokens for your activities. Increasing your Energy will also enable you to engage in more activities.

STEPN Sneakers come with different attributes, such as health, comfort, and durability. When you buy an NFT shoe, you can allocate points to boost its attributes. Boosting attributes in the sneaker will enhance the number of tokens you can earn for your actions.

STEPN Sneakers are available on leading marketplaces that support Solana. Players can buy them on the app or in the in-game marketplace. A fully upgraded sneaker can be sold for 14.5 SOL in the in-game marketplace.

Some sneakers require a Green Metaverse Token (GMT) to be used in the game. This token provides governance rights to the owner and can be exchanged for dollar-backed USDC stablecoins.

STEPN is a unique blend of gaming and health and fitness. It uses an innovative play to earn concept to keep users engaged. Using a game-Fi system, the app rewards players for participating in daily fitness challenges. Unlike traditional RPGs that leverage experience to build character attributes, STEPN uses Game-Fi to improve physical activity.

STEPN has been downloaded over 300K times, and it’s partnering with sports brands like ASICS. STEPN has received a strategic investment from Binance.

STEPN uses an AI-based anti-cheating system to prevent gamers from utilizing loopholes. In addition to using a GPS spoofing mechanism, STEPN employs machine learning technology to verify physical activity. STEPN’s sneaker level-up mechanics are designed to protect the system from fraudulent behavior.


STEPN, a health and fitness application, recently joined forces with the sportswear company ASICS to launch a limited edition NFT sneaker collection. The sneaker series includes custom-made running shoes. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these sneakers will be donated to charity.

StepN aims to connect people to the Web3 world and promote a healthy lifestyle. It is a move-to-earn app that rewards users with in-game tokens for jogging, walking, and other activities. They aim to inspire millions to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

The ASICS x STEPN GT-2000 NFT will be released as the first physical product of the collaboration. It will be available for five days in November. Users will have the chance to win airdrops of a limited number of sneakers. In addition to the sneakers, owners will receive various rewards.

Asics’ GT-2000 sneakers will be available in light and dark modes. Users will also be able to flip their kicks with an NFT badge. Additionally, they can level up their sneakers by burning tokens. Lastly, there will be cash coupons to upgrade the sneakers.

With the new NFT sneaker collection, STEPN hopes to inspire millions of people to lead a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, they also aim to help combat climate change.

Using the NFTs, users can level up their sneakers and receive in-game tokens for their steps. They can then exchange their tokens for other tokens, or use them to purchase new sneakers in the StepN ecosystem. For example, they can swap their tokens for an external wallet account, or use them to purchase the sneakers from the StepN marketplace.

In addition to the sneakers, STEPN is also offering a mystery box for the sneaker. Each box contains four unique sneaker designs. Buying these boxes will allow participants to receive 0.5 BNB. Once the box is opened, users will be rewarded with an NFT sneaker. Those who want to purchase a mystery box must have a minimum of 0.1 BNB in their spot wallet.

STEPN and ASICS are hoping to raise awareness about climate change through carbon neutrality and other efforts. They have pledged to donate $100,000 to a charity in partnership with Binance.