CloakFX: The Definitive Guide To The Trading Platform For 2020

Let us keep things short: You want to know everything about CloakFX in a fast manner, and we have the perfect guide for it. It will only take you 10 minutes to learn everything about the revolutionary trading platform that is storming the blockchain world.

What Makes CloakFX Special?

CloakFX is an application of the cryptocurrency known as CloakCoin, which is entirely focused on privacy. Therefore, it is a real function of the blockchain project, and that alone sets it apart from the rest because it actually has a use in the real world.

The trading platform brings whopping maximum leverage of 200x on short and long positions in the Forex market. It sounds too good to be true, but it is actually real because the power of CloakFX resides in one key aspect:

It brings you the possibility to use CloakCoin and BTC to speculate against the rise/fall of foreign currencies.

Be it USD, EUR, AUD… any currency!

The best part is that the team actually brings transparency about the project, to see how they can deliver what they claim. Let us check it all.

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What Is The Background Of The Project?

What Is The Background Of The Project?

First off, the CloakCoin software is open-source, which means that any individual, be it you or anyone on the internet, can use the code to create their own project.

One of those persons approached the team behind CloakCoin, and it happened to be an actual investor, who suggested to them the idea of launching a privacy-focused Forex trading platform.

That is how CloakFX was born.

The team liked the idea and decided to move forward with it because it presented a real-world use for the cryptocurrency.

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After an arduous month of work and dedication, they finally launched the CloakFX platform, which used their native cryptocurrency to make it work.

What Is The Team Behind CloakFX?

What Is The Team Behind CloakFX?

Here we can see that the private investor was the person that suggested the project, and thankfully, the CloakCoin team is behind it as well, and they are in charge of monitoring the quality of the operations.

The platform is in the hands of the private investor, but the team of CloakCoin is supervising it and bringing support to customers via Telegram and other channels.

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As stated by both parties, the team behind CloakCoin is actually receiving profits from this project, which they are using for the technological development of the cryptocurrency and other real-world uses that will add more value and legitimacy to CloakCoin.


Now you have in your hands that uses an authentic privacy-focused cryptocurrency to function, and that brings you the opportunity to use BTC and the native coin to speculate against foreign currencies. If you use this opportunity smartly, then you have the open doors to massive profits.

Therefore, if you want to take your FX trading to the next level, now you have a new piece of technology that is already getting dozens of positive reviews and comments.