Totle Swap

Nowadays there are several DApps and DEXs available out there, so it can be quite difficult for users to handle their portfolio without tools that permit them to control it all from a single place. Access is the keyword, so platforms who offer aggregation of several DEXs/DApps under a single interface definitely have a competitive edge on the DeFi scene. Totle Swap aims to be the definitive solution to using DEXs, as it aggregates the top DEXs into one single consumer DApp.

Let’s dig into more details about the platform. 

How Does Totle Swap Work?

Totle Swap is a non-custodial platform for DeFi aggregation, uniting decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers into a single place.

It offers a tool-rich interface that makes it easy for users to access liquidity for DeFi assets at the best price available.

The main idea is to improve the customer experience while staying loyal to the philosophy of DEXs. The goal here is to unify decentralized liquidity and use it as the foundation for a new age of decentralized products and services.

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Totle is connected to major DEXs and synthetic asset providers, so when users make a swap using the platform, the order is routed directly to the sources, meaning it always will offer the best prices available in the market.

The mechanism behind the system works by splitting orders across multiple exchanges, so users can earn the best price for their tokens when trading for Totle (instead of using a single DEX).

A huge number of deals are available, counting more than 5600 asset pairs to be swapped across the DeFi ecosystem.

Dig Into It

Totle Swap in Practice

Since the beginning, accessibility was a must to Totle’s team. With Totle Swap, the swap mechanism can be integrated by any web interface.

The trading experience has been simplified to a minimalist design, with only two inputs and a swap button. The design was a product of customers’ desire to have the platform aggregated into their web interface without needing a full API integration.

Customers now just have to copy and paste just a snippet of code to add up Totle Swap to their product or website. It is also possible for them to customize which assets are tradeable.

Totle is always focused on getting the best prices for customers swaps. The platform conducts an advanced order routing system that splits orders across multiple exchanges, but not only that.

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The platform also works to identify the best base assets that will get the most value from users’ orders, also going as far as conducting arbitrage mid-trade to get users the best price available.

A comparison table is available on the display so users can follow the price comparison. This feature also has an exclusive tool that allows users to see how much they are saving by trading with Totle instead of an individual DEX.

Totle has also implemented the so-called GasToken. Users get refunded up to 50% of their gas costs on Totle when they spend 3 or more gwei in a single swap.

Integrating to Win

Totle Swap has integrated many DEXs under a single interface and was also integrated by several platforms in DeFi.

Many DeFi services and products are getting the best prices in the market through Totle, among them web3 wallets (Edge, LiquidSwap, Monarch, and others), payment methods (Kiss patent, Fabrx) and projects focused on data (Chainlink, Cryptowatch, and Coinigy) and Widget (Celsius Network, Degens, and Holdex).

To ensure the best sources available on DeFi, Totle has integrated top-notch DEXs and synthetic asset providers such as Kyber Network, Uniswap, Bancor, Fulcrum, Compound, 0x, Synthetix, Aave protocol, and others.

Who Is Behind Totle Swap?

The founder David Bleznak is Michigan-native and graduated in Business Administration.

He has crossed paths with the blockchain world for the first time in 2013. After reading the Bitcoin white paper, he was impressed and started looking at it as an alternative investment for his family’s business.

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In 2016, he decided to do something to create an easier way to interact with crypto, focused on decentralized trading. After brainstorming some ideas, he founded Totle in 2017.

In 2018 the Totle Portfolio Management Tool was launched, and then things continued to develop till Totle Swap finally came to reality.

Final Words

Totle Swap is a non-custodial and user-friendly platform for the DeFi aggregation of DEXs.

It works by simplifying crypto assets trading by offering an intuitive interface, using a system that permits users to get the best price available on the DEX market on every swap.

By integrating the best DEXs and synthetic assets providers all over the DeFi ecosystem, Totle is already considered a titan amid this market and promises to go even further over time.