Whisp: Decentralized Solution For Remote Payments

Today, especially in the online market, thousands of digital workers (such as programmers, copywriters, traffic and SEO managers, bloggers, assorted freelancers, etc.) need to receive online payments. However, traditional payment methods have several limitations that end up hindering the process, such as high fees, slow processing, and inconvenient withdrawal conditions, just to name a few. Whisp is an innovative project that wants to revolutionize the dynamic behind online payments, using the blockchain technology to simplify payment methods for remote workers.

The platform aims to eliminate all potential hassles regarding remote payments, which will create a unique tool for globalized payroll.

How Does Whisp Work?

Whisp Employer Screen

Built on Ethereum, Whisp is a unique decentralized payroll tool empowered by blockchain technology. It permits users to build a digital payroll using an intuitive mechanism to pay remote workers all over the world using cryptocurrencies.

So far, the platform support payments using Dai digital dollars (DAI), Ethereum (ETH) and Datacoin (DATA). For those unaware, the DATA token is an ERC-20 coin of the Streamr, an off-chain network focused on data monetization and exchange.

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Whisp has a straight and simple onboarding process, which can be interesting for companies as it drastically reduces training costs regarding payroll management tools. As the payments are all based in the blockchain, it eliminates costs and potential privacy risks of intermediaries (such as third-party service providers specialized in payroll) as well.

Whisp also eliminates risks associated with delays, errors, and rejections that are usual among traditional banking payment tools.

As the idea doesn’t require anything more than internet access and a MetaMask wallet to onboard into the platform, Whisp can be the ultimate solution for international remote workers, especially those where the financial situation is classified as unbanked or underbanked.

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Understanding the Process

Whisp Employee Screen

The platform is still evolving, so it promises to upgrade features over time, plus increasing the number of supported cryptocurrencies for payments as well. To access Whisp, every user will need to connect to the platform via MetaMask.

When the user logs in, he accesses the home dashboard where payment procedures are done. On one side, there is the payment roll, featuring date, the name of each remote worker, the specific work batch of each one, and the amount of cryptocurrency paid.

On the other side, there is a workers list, where the account manager can see the monitor and check remote worker by name, last pay date, and the total amount of payment.

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To add a remote worker in the digital payroll is quite simple. Whisp just requires the remote worker’s email address, so the user just needs to send an exclusive Invite Link. As soon as the worker accepts the invitation, he is already part of a unique Whisp payroll list.

To send a payment, the payer just needs to select the “New Payment” option, choose which worker he/she wants to pay, which crypto asset will be used for the payment, and how much. When all information tabs are filled, the payer just needs to hit the confirm button and that’s it.

There is also the possibility to attach a payment note on it, visible to the receiving worker only.

Whisp Provides Full Transparency

Whisp Provides Full Transparency

The process is remarkably secure, as at the moment the payment is processing, the user can click on the transaction link to be redirected to an Etherscam screen, with all metadata involved in the procedure. It is also possible to export the file in CSV format, which can be highly valuable for accounting and finance teams.

Whisp Fee Structure

The platform just has low transaction fees associated with gas costs.

So far, the platform is free to use. Whisp monetizes its work by onboarding companies who want to pay US dollars in exchange for crypto, as well as using batch transactions. For instance, let us say a virtual streamer does 50 consecutive transactions, so Whisp just takes a small fee over this type of batch payment.

As the goal behind the platform is to encourage people to feel comfortable while using cryptocurrencies (especially stablecoin like DAI) as the main payment method for service payments, Whisp wants to deliver a solution where you don’t necessarily need to pay to participate.


Whisp is a fascinating project, especially for emerging markets all over the world, such as Africa, the Middle East, and others. International workers now have an efficient tool to receive their payments in the form of cryptocurrencies, which eliminates the necessity of third-party institutional control and censorship.

The use of DAI also represents a lot, as it is pegged with the US dollar, which is a strong currency globally, well-valued about most of the local fiat currencies used around the world. Receiving in DAI can mean that you are receiving a payment whose value may increase depending on the currency situation.