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If you are looking for a token that will make you more profitable in the world of blockchain gaming, you might want to check out Yield Guild games. This is a new project that is aiming to revolutionize the way that blockchain games are played. Through this project, you will be able to amass the most valuable NFTs, as well as search for worthy operators to help you manage these valuable assets.


Yield Guild Games is a blockchain-based gaming guild. It aims to empower users to earn rewards through NFTs and other forms of blockchain technology. The company has created a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, which helps users leverage NFTs for gaming and collects a share of in-game revenue. You can view live and historical price data of YGG on the chart below.

The YGG token is an ERC20 token that allows its holders to participate in governing tasks in the DAO, pay for services on the network, and stake tokens. It can also be used to access exclusive content in the Discord community. YGG has a total supply of one billion tokens, with 45 percent going to users. These tokens will be distributed over four years.

YGG is part of a larger blockchain-based virtual world called the Metaverse. This system combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with NFTs. It is controlled by the DAO, an open source platform that enforces the rules of the system. In turn, it is composed of SubDAOs, which are communities of players who participate in a particular NFT game. They also have their own rules and regulations that must be adhered to.

The road trip will start in Cebu City, Philippines, on March 14th, where YGG will host a talk by co-founder Jedidiah Louie and a tournament called Axie Infinity. In the following months, the road trip will tour various parts of Asia. This will help spread the word about the new game and blockchain technology.

The Yield Guild Games DAO has several YGG vaults. Each vault represents a unique token distribution program, and the revenue generated by the program is shared among all the stakeholders who support it. A good example of this is the ZED RUN Breeding Vault, which generates revenue by staking ZED NFTs.


The SubDAOs in Yield Guild Games are an important part of the game, which is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. These SubDAOs allow players to participate in governance tasks for the DAO, as well as pay for services on the network. They also give players the ability to stake tokens and unlock exclusive content on the game’s Discord server. There are currently over one billion YGG tokens in circulation, with 45% going to guild members.

In the Yield Guild Games DAO, the YGG token is the payment medium for all activities on the network. Each transaction in the DAO requires the exchange of different YGG tokens. YGG token holders, who were originally the core team of the DAO, have gradually expanded to become early investors, asset owners, and players in the blockchain gaming space. Over time, these token holders will take over the role of administrators of the protocol. With this, they will be able to submit proposals and vote on governance structures.

YGG has subDAOs to facilitate more efficient operation. SubDAOs allow players to coordinate on various tasks, enabling them to maximize their profits. Additionally, players can work with fellow players from the same game, thereby fostering a sense of community. In addition to helping players earn more, the SubDAOs also help to increase the overall performance of the DAO.

The SubDAOs in Yield Guild Games can also benefit other players by lending NFTs to them. By doing so, they increase the net holdings of Yield Guild Games and thus the value of $YGG tokens.

YGG token

The Yield Guild Games platform integrates the DeFi and NFT investing models to create a P2E metaverse economy where gamers work together to maximize earning potential. To facilitate this, players rent community-owned in-game NFT assets from the Yield Guild Games treasury. In return, contributors earn a percentage of the earning potential of the game’s players.

To buy YGG, you can either trade it for another cryptocurrency or use your digital wallet. Choose a crypto exchange with instant buy features or use a spot market to set your own price. However, be sure to read about any fees before you choose a crypto exchange. Some exchanges will require you to pass KYC before buying YGG. To increase your security, you can also enable two-factor authentication on your account.

YGG is a blockchain project that aims to deliver play-to-earn games to millions of gamers around the world. To do so, the project uses a decentralized application called a sub-DAO. Those who hold YGG tokens can participate in governance decisions and share yields generated during gameplay. In addition, token holders can make proposals and vote on rules.

The Yield Guild Games platform has several SubDAOs, or gaming communities, aimed at a specific game or region. Each sub-DAO has its own rules. The goal of these sub-DAOs is to collaborate within a specific area and make the most of the gaming rewards. This, in turn, helps the guild.

YGG also has a scholarship program. If you are a scholar, you can earn YGG tokens by lending them to other players. The scholarship program is another influence from the Axie Infinity game. It benefits non-gaming NFT owners as well as play-to-earn gamers.

Value proposition

One of the most interesting aspects of Yield Guild Games is the play-to-earn concept. It is a concept that is gaining momentum in the crypto gaming industry. This type of game offers players the opportunity to earn tokens in exchange for real world assets. While this may be an attractive option for many investors, it may not be right for everyone.

The play-to-earn concept is a new type of video game wherein the player pays to play to earn real-world currency. While many online play-to-earn games require real money for the player to purchase goods and services, Yield Guild Games aims to provide an equal playing field to all players. The company’s goal is to generate revenue from the rental, operation and investment of NFTs and to build a community for players.

A16z led a $4.6 million investment in Yield Guild Games. The startup, based in the Philippines, offers blockchain-based games wherein gamers earn tokens called Small Love Potion and can cash out for real money. The company also offers a “play-to-earn” feature, which allows users to earn native tokens while playing in the game.

Merit Circle has a similar model, but it focuses on a decentralized autonomous organization that allows players to earn by playing. The company aims to help gamers get the most out of the game by providing competitive in-game assets and educational content. The company prides itself on being much more than a gaming guild.

While YGG is the largest, the company’s portfolio is so large that its valuation may not adjust to the current risk-off sentiment. However, the vast majority of game guilds have treasury balances that will allow them to survive and thrive in a bear market. As the industry grows and expands, the role of VCs plays an increasing role in ensuring the health of the industry. Since 2021, VCs have invested $1.8 billion in blockchain game guilds, accounting for 20% of the total value raised by blockchain game projects.


Yield Guild Games is a cooperative society on the blockchain that allows players to lend and borrow NFTs in various games. These NFTs can be used to participate in various P2E games, and players can also vote on which games they want to play. A large guild can make a huge impact on the gaming platform, and the more players there are, the larger its influence.

To begin playing Yield Guild Games, you must create an account. To do this, you must verify your identity and email address. You must also select a payment method. You can use credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers to deposit funds. Once your account is verified, you can exchange these funds for the virtual currencies of Yield Guild Games.

YGG has a wide variety of games to choose from, including those where players can earn rewards or play for free. You can also earn NFTs by playing certain games, like Axie Infinity. In this way, you can earn real money from playing the game. And you can even lend out your NFTs to friends.

In order to reward the community’s efforts, Yield Guild Games has launched staking vaults. Through smart contracts, the YGG team is facilitating the transfer of rewards. Voting members will determine which YGG activities will receive rewards, including YGG merchandise and discounts. Although there are still no clear regulations for YGG, the idea is to make rewards available to all YGG community members.

In addition to the rewards, Yield Guild Games is also focused on fostering community participation. The company is dedicated to developing a global economy of play-to-earn gamers. These games will also use a smart contract system to manage NFTs.