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The next step in YGG’s mission is to help gamers navigate the new frontier of blockchain gaming. They have released a series of articles on topics such as Axie breeding, Staking vaults, and Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn (P2E) game, meaning it allows players to earn rewards by playing. In the Philippines, where it launched, Axie Infinity was one of the first games to benefit from the pandemic. The influx of new users allowed players to quickly earn money by converting in-game tokens into real-world currency.

The gaming industry is now running on high stakes, with millions of new players entering the market. While the market has grown, it has also been affected by inflation, with the price of SLP falling. As a result, guilds are seeing longer returns on their investments.

Yield Guild Games is a game-based guild that has invested in many NFT-based games. It focuses on lending in-game assets to players in developing countries. This model is similar to the one employed by game guilds, which aim to attract players into a game by offering scholarships and training.

In addition to investing in Axie Infinity, Yield Guild Games has also made investments in other P2E games. They have purchased a team of Dragon racers for DeHorizon and the 46th-largest asteroid in Influence, paying 22 Ether. They have also invested in other games such as Splinterlands and Illuvium.

YGG has a native token, the YGG, which has a maximum supply of 1B. The token has value in subscription fees, active play, merchandise sales, and sponsorships. YGG holders can vote in the organisation’s governance and spend their tokens to access exclusive content.

YGG has a 60,000-member userbase. Members of the network can play Axie Infinity, as well as other popular P2E games. These players can then rent out their avatars for in-game rewards. When they make a profit, they are able to convert those tokens into real-world currency, such as ETH or fiat.

Yield Guild Games has already created partnerships with Axie Infinity and The Sandbox, as well as members of the League of Kingdoms alliance. They have also invested in Vulcan Verse, Illuvium, and Star Atlas.

The organisation is currently in the Alpha Stage, but is planning to expand in the Metaverse. YGG has also secured a partnership with blockchain space company BlockchainSpace.

Axie Breeding

In Axie Infinity, breeding Axies is one of the ways to earn crypto. While the game is free to play, you must pay for certain resources, such as Smooth Love Potions. You can use SLP to breed Axies and create offspring, which you can then sell on the in-game NFT market.

In Axie Infinity, you can buy, sell, and breed Axies, which can then be used in battles to earn SLP. SLP is a currency in the game that can be redeemed for other cryptocurrencies.

The amount of SLP you can earn per battle depends on your matchmaking ranking. You can also earn SLP by winning competitions. However, the simplest way to gather SLP is by winning battles.

The PvP Arena is another way to earn SLP. When you enter a PvP arena, you can earn SLP by battling Axies. As the game progresses, the amount of SLP you can earn increases.

Breeding Axies is one of the most lucrative methods to earn crypto. Axies can be bred to achieve specific stats. You can then sell these Axies for real money. Alternatively, you can borrow Axies from other players. These Axies can then be bred again to make more.

In addition to breeding Axies, there are several other ways to make money. Selling Axies can be a quick one-time income, while farming for SLP is a longer-term stream of income. You can also get involved in the gaming guilds to help boost your earnings.

If you are interested in learning about Axie, you might want to join a scholarship giver’s community. These organizations offer scholarships and provide a share of in-game revenues to their members.

The P2E model is also a good place to start when looking for information on the games you play. It combines games and cryptocurrencies to answer some of the more complex questions about the game. This includes whether or not the value of an Axie is more than the price it takes to acquire it.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about Axie, you might want check out the Yield Guild Games. The organization has arranged lessons for newcomers and offers a variety of scholarship options.

Staking vaults

YGG, or Yield Guild Games, is a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming league that uses the blockchain to create a community of players. It invests in Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are used in games on the Ethereum (ETH) platform.

YGG has a unique staking framework, allowing users to stake and earn YGG tokens. Staking YGG tokens allows users to participate in the community’s decisions about the network and its activities. The YGG token also functions as a means of exchange on the YGG network.

In addition, users can leverage the value of the community’s assets through Yield Guild’s rewards program. This includes the YGG Scholarship program, which lowers the initial barrier for participation in P2E games.

The YGG Token is the primary currency of the YGG DAO. It is an ERC-20 token that has a maximum supply of 1 billion. YGG tokens can be purchased through several exchanges.

The YGG DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that consists of smart contracts. There are a number of subDAOs within YGG, each with its own set of rules. The SubDAOs can improve the effectiveness of the DAO by compartmentalizing its tasks. In return, better SubDAO members contribute more to the overall DAO.

The YGG DAO has a unique feature – a rewards vault. This vault will reward YGG holders based on the revenue earned by the guild. The vault will offer different types of rewards, ranging from YGG tokens to ETH.

The YGG Scholarship program will enable players to gain access to virtual land in popular games. Currently, the YGG Scholarship program provides a 30% cut to the participating members. However, Yield Guild plans to expand the program to all players in the future. The YGG Vault may offer rewards based on performance of the Axie breeding program.

With a focus on building a global play-to-earn gaming community, YGG has the potential to make a huge profit from the burgeoning blockchain gaming community. The YGG token offers high returns as a secondary cryptocurrency, which will allow players to benefit from the P2E game ecosystem without having to make an upfront capital investment.

YGG’s mission to navigate blockchain gaming

Yield Guild Games, or YGG, is a play-to-earn gaming guild that has developed a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). As a DAO, YGG operates by maximizing the value of NFTs used in games. To do this, the DAO consists of several SubDAOs, each of which has its own rules and governance. The main DAO also has its own community.

YGG is an emerging trend in the crypto market. Its goal is to reduce the barriers to entry for players interested in playing blockchain games. YGG provides a key onramp to the play-to-earn revolution. The DAO also incorporates community-centric incentives, like spending and investing.

As a player-investor, you need a platform where you can buy virtual land and other assets to use in your game. In addition, you need to have a native, decentralized token to drive the in-game economy. Smart contracts are used to lease these assets to players, who in turn split the earnings with the owner of the NFT.

YGG uses its own ERC20 token, the YGG token. The token is traded on multiple centralized exchanges, as well as its own DEX. It can be staked for rewards, or used to unlock exclusive content on Discord. It also allows users to vote on investment strategies.

YGG has an expanding network of communities. YGG Japan and Kingdomverse are two new YGG communities that combine a 3D world with mobile games. Each community has its own set of rules and asset management conditions. These include a dedicated wallet, community lead, and a minimum of 20 months of cash flow runway.

The YGG protocol aims to put the most valuable NFTs in the hands of capable users. It has established a community-centric incentive structure, which makes it easy for players to gain access to game assets. It also seeks to make the most of the NFTs it has acquired.

YGG’s community has grown to over 21,000 scholars in 28 countries. It has a goal to onboard millions of players to the play-to-earn revolution. It has launched a scholarship program, which includes guidance and training from expert community managers. YGG also focuses on localization and charity. It is the founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.