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When it comes to earning rewards in play-to-earn games, Yield Guild Games may be a great option for you. In a play-to-win game, you earn rewards and then sell them on the market to buy NFTs. Borrowing NFTs creates a win-win situation for both you and the lender. You can receive a percentage of the rewards you loan, while the borrower can use the NFTs for their own gain.


The Philippines-based Yield Guild Games (YGG) has just hit one year of existence, and they are looking forward to a bright future ahead. Gabby Dizon, who founded Yearn Finance Communities and Axie Infinity, is the game studio’s founder. Other members of the team include Nolan Manalo, a blockchain developer and alumnus of Cambridge University. Both men have a wealth of experience and academic background in the blockchain industry, and the team at Yield Guild Games is no exception.

Token holders can also become members of the SubDAO, which will let them earn rewards from specific activities within the game. The YGG network will have five primary areas for voting, and voters will vote on Projects, Technology, Products, Governance structure, and Community. Guild members can submit proposals to YGG through the platform’s website, and the community will vote on them. Ultimately, this means that more YGG tokens will be distributed to community activities.


The Yield Guild Games DAO is the first project of its kind and is gaining a lot of traction within the decentralized ecosystem. The company seeks to maximize the value of NFTs across the blockchain gaming industry. It is largely based on smart contracts and consensus influenced by the DAO. YGG has a platform that relies on a voting system of a distributed network of token holders. The company’s activities revolve around establishing a vibrant international community of play-to-win players. The Yield Guild Games team continuously coordinates development, research and development, and revenue-generation strategies for the project.

YGG is comprised of three leaders: Gabby Dizon, Beryl Li, and anon, Owl of Moistness. All three are veterans of the gaming industry and founded their own company in the process. Dizon is a veteran of the industry and is a blockchain entrepreneur who has worked on several projects aimed at bridging the blockchain and gaming world. Although they have been successful, many others have failed, so they are confident enough in their abilities to stay the course.


YGG SEA is an investment company that operates in Southeast Asia. Founded in November 2021, the company has invested in 76 projects across the region, with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. In the coming six months, the company plans to expand its operations into three additional countries. By the end of 2024, it will have fully covered the entire region. The company’s founders are seasoned investors, with extensive experience in the games industry.

YGG SEA is targeting Southeast Asia as a market with a large number of potential gamers. The company is planning to support local play-to-earn games, while also acquiring NFTs that are suited to the SEA market. This strategic move could lead to the introduction of P2E gaming for millions of new players in the region. Moreover, Southeast Asia has long been a lucrative market for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.


YGG Treasure is a girl group from South Korea. The group was formed through the reality survival show YG Treasure Box in 2018. Members of the group are Choi Hyun-suk, Jihoon, Yoshi, Junkyu, Haruto, Doyoung, and Seo Jin-ho. The group is scheduled to make their official debut in August 2020 with the single “Boy.”

The YGG treasury will host digital assets owned by the community and distributed to each SubDAO. P2E assets include those from multiple blockchain games. The YGG DAO is using both a scholarship and NFT rental program to help its members earn rewards and play-to-earn games. However, YGG’s current treasury contains only 133,333,334 tokens, and no lock-up period has been set.

YGG SEA Partners

YGG SEA Partners is a new venture in Southeast Asia that will help GamesPad expand its reach and promote its adoption in the region. The company was founded by Yield Guild Games founder Evan Goodman and has secured investment from the Ygg family and other leading investors. YGG SEA is backed by experienced industry veterans with backgrounds in gaming, crypto, economics, and traditional finance. The company is headed by Evan Goodman, a video game industry veteran with leadership positions in Electronic Arts and Unity Technologies. He is responsible for driving key strategy components and pushing the industry in Southeast Asia to further success.

YGG SEA is the leading gaming guild in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to create the largest Play-to-Earn virtual economy in the region. This is possible through its investment partnership with GamePad. The two companies will develop innovative games that bring social and economic benefits to the region. The YGG SEA network, which is composed of 166,000 gamer badge holders, will allow GamePad to grow in Southeast Asia.

YGG SEA roadmap

In this AMA online, YGG SEA CEO Yun-Lin announced the roadmap for YGG in Southeast Asia. The roadmap will include the development of YGG-based in-game NFTs and their implementation in P2E. Additionally, YGG SEA will discuss the future of the Ygg-SEA Scholarship Program. YGG-SEA is one of the most innovative gaming guilds in the space. Its unique model blends gaming with DeFi, which means its participants will be guided in the future development of the company’s products.

YGG-SEA’s mission is to build a thriving crypto and gaming ecosystem in Southeast Asia. It has partnered with NFT Asset and Treasury Management to expand its P2E gaming network to Southeast Asia. In addition, the YGG-SEA roadmap will emphasize localized play-to-earn player communities in the region. Moreover, YGG-SEA will expand its P2E gaming ecosystem across Southeast Asia, which is currently one of the fastest growing regions in the world.


YGG SEA Token, or $SEA, is a governance token used by the YGG SEA community. It grants the community members voting rights over ecosystem reward allocations, features and reward models, and the ability to access real-time price discovery. The $SEA token is also used for the Token Launch Auction on the Copper platform. Tokens will be distributed in a fair and open auction, disenfranchising front-running whales and bots.

YGG SEA is a blockchain gaming platform with global expansion plans. This project aims to provide equal opportunity to its members, as it is a decentralized autonomous organization. The team has experience in promoting the adoption of technology, especially in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. Its CEO, Evan Spytma, has worked for companies like Unity Technologies and Electronic Arts. YGG SEA is supported by the investment firm Andreessen Horowitz and 16z.

YGG Token price correction

The YGG Token price correction is due to the increased interest and public demand for the cryptocurrency. A recent study conducted by Google Trends shows a sharp increase in searches for the terms Metaverse, Decentraland, and Sandbox. These search terms are generally indicative of the public’s interest in cryptocurrencies. The recent correction is a signal that the crypto market is about to enter a new era. Moreover, a recent treasury transfer of $145,000 worth of AXS tokens reflects the positive outlook for the YGG Token.

Despite the recent dip in price, there are still plenty of opportunities for YGG Token investors. YGG’s impressive portfolio and involvement in play-to-earn gaming will create a large market for their token. As long as the company continues to grow and develop its services, they’ll likely make it to the crypto news headlines soon. This is just the beginning of its meteoric rise, but there’s no reason to be disheartened.

YGG SEA Partnerships

The main objective of YGG SEA is to broaden the base of play-to-earn gamers in the region and provide localized support. The region is growing rapidly and demonstrates a keen interest in gaming and technology. YGG wants to make blockchain gaming opportunities available to all members of the region. YGG SEA partners with over 30 play-to-earn games and has over 4,000 scholars in Southeast Asia.

The core team behind YGG SEA is made up of gaming industry veterans who come from the economics, crypto, and gaming sectors. Evan is an industry veteran with executive roles in Electronic Arts and Unity Technologies. He is the mastermind behind driving key strategy components, pushing the gaming industry in Southeast Asia towards even greater success. YGG SEA has invested in the Esports Players League, Bitkraft, and Delphi Digital.