Zapper DeFi

Every day more and more projects within the blockchain scene aim to make traders and users’ lives easier by providing smart solutions regarding accessibility and simplicity. Cross-platform exchanges and data dashboards to monitor assets/funds were never more useful than now. Zapper unites two existing tools, DeFi Snap and DeFi Zap, to bring users a more enjoyable and accessible experience within the DeFi world.

Let’s learn more about this innovative platform that could possibly change the way DeFi works. 

How Does Zapper Work?

Zapper is the sum of two projects, DeFi Snap, and DeFi Zap. The main goal of the project is to be the ultimate hub for managing your DeFi assets and liabilities.

First, we must enlighten readers about these two main projects that came together to give birth to it.

DeFi Snap worked as a DeFi dashboard to help users to monitor their assets and liabilities across multiple protocols. It supported several protocols since it started, such as Compound, Maker, Synthetix, Uniswap, and Curve Finance, just to name a few.

DeFi Zap was a protocol were users could connect a wallet and had instant access to multiple DeFi products in just a matter of seconds.

Zapper is the product of the effort to integrate both DeFi platforms into one.

It is remarkably simple to use, as users just need to connect through their web3 supported wallet of choice to have access to a snapshot of all their DeFi funds and asset holdings.

The platform integrates with over 20 different protocols, having the ability to combine several DeFi building blocks to create its own instruments, strategies, or even new use-cases.

Among the supported wallet, options are MetaMask, Ledger, WalletConnect, Torus, Fortmatic, Trezor, Authereum, and Opera.

Within the platform, anyone can:

  • Invest (browsing unique opportunities available across vast lists of available decentralized platforms)
  • Monitor (using a unique layout focused on simplicity)
  • Manage (by doing balances between different DeFi platforms and creating new opportunities to earn crypto assets).

What is Innovative About Zapper?

Brand-new features include Multipooling.

Multipooling allows users to get into several DeFi pools using one single token (ETH, for example) in just a matter of clicks.

DeFi Snaps provides a “power back” for these interactions, as users can easily manage and track positions using the user-friendly dashboard.

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Zapper also allows users to use Uniswap, Curve, and Balancer at the same time, all in one transaction, to split ETH across all of them quickly and effectively. Users are also permitted to use three different Uniswap pools at the same time. 

As it does not stop evolving, the platform also is making a ton of other features available over time, such as pipping to quickly shift among several liquidity pools, leveraged pooling, and hedged pooling as well.

Why Is It Interesting in DeFi Community?

Zapper brings a new approach for DeFi cross-platform portfolio management, which can be incredibly useful for both more advanced and beginner users.

For beginners, it is as accessible and user-friendly as it can be, permitting users to evaluate and study their possibilities of crypto investments more carefully due to an intuitive dashboard.

For advanced users, it can save a lot of precious time by making processes unite in a single place, which creates new opportunities for profitable deals and assets exchanges using several different platforms at once.

Who is Behind the Idea?

The main protagonist behind the project is Nodar Janashia, whose interest in financial investments began before his interest in the blockchain itself. 

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In 2017 he came to know Ethereum and became instantly fascinated. Later, with a bit more experience, he took part in the Kyber DeFi Hackathon, where he and his two partners (Dipesh Sukhani and Tosh Sharma) were able to get the smart contracts written for a “prototype” of DeFiZap.

The project won the Kyber DeFi Hackathon (along with the grand prize of $5000 worth of KNC) and continued to develop until it became what it is now.

Final Words

For Zapper, simplicity is the key. It is the perfect platform for those who are interested in smart portfolio management.

Integrating DeFi Zap and DeFi Snap, the main goal is to provide an extremely accessible and useful tool for DeFi users. It brings a complete dashboard that allows users to invest, monitor, and manage different cryptocurrencies and assets across several DeFi platforms.